Sunday, April 14, 2013

Something Old....

How many of us have items in the cupboard that we don't use? 

A few years back (five or more maybe) my Mother-in-law brought a stamp set from one of the TV shopping channels, (QVC maybe!) She never used them and some while later she passed them onto me. This stamp set turned out to be a wooden box full of wood  mounted stamps.

At the time I wasn't into card making and these stamps really lend themselves to cards (...I thought!) They were packed away in the top of a wardbrobe and came out once or twice a year when I organised an all day crop. Recently I went through the box and pulled out some that I thought I could use on cards. Then on Friday afternoon I had another look through this box and pulled out some more. 

A few scraps of paper and this is the outcome.
 So simple. 

I am definitely a less is more kinda girl and although they don't photograph well (that could be me!) they do all look lovely. 
These are close up's of the stamps used.

Who'd have thought that I had a Rugby stamp hidden away in the wardbrobe for all these years. .
Many of you know that every Sunday morning, today was no exception, I stand at the sidelines watching my three play Rugby. Last week my son brought a rugby card for his friends birthday. I had to smile when I read the card and his reason for picking said....

"Football is a game played by boys running around pretending to be hurt. 
Rugby is a game played by boys running around pretending not to be hurt."

With this stamp I have no reason to buy another Rugby card again!
 This stamp will stay out of the box, It may even make an appearance on future Rugby layouts.

Have a think and if you have anything hidden away....get it out, 
you never know with fresh eyes you may see the potential.


  1. These are really effective cards - I can see the rugby stamp being used a lot from now on!

  2. Love what u've done! Really cool!

  3. These do look fab, Louise! Love the black & white stamp on the kraft background!! x

  4. Congratulations on getting those stamps out - I tend to forget what I've got hidden away too. I like the simple cards.

  5. A rugby stamp! How excellent! and how stunningly effective too

  6. These are lovely, as you say simple yet very effective. xx

  7. You really make the simple look so powerful!
    We're football players ourselves, but I do like your card. My favorite football quote (which is a bit of a slam at American football): "No pads, no helmets, no time outs."

  8. I love this look, very stylish.

  9. The message on the card your son chose made me laugh...and your cards are fab!
    Alison xx

  10. I love this clean and simple look! The idea of double stamping is a good one!
    I have a ton of old wood mounted stamps sitting in a box, maybe I should go through them!

  11. ooh I love the simplicity of those cards I must try something like that. Also i will look through my stash and get some of the long lost bits out and have a play!

  12. Love the cream and kraft colours. Great rugby stamp too, I'm sure you'll get loads of use from that! I have loads of old stamps which never see the light of day, so you've inspired me to have a root through them!

  13. I'm a less is more girl too and those cards really do look stunning. I think I need to have a root around in my loft! x

  14. great find in the stamp box Louise & really effective cards made x

  15. What a brilliant find! I could do with that tomorrow when I have to make a card for DH. Its perfect for him as he prefers clean cards like yours here - they are sooo stylish!

  16. Oh I'm loving your style. These cards are wonderful


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