Thursday, May 09, 2013

April's Red Hot Numbers

For a while I  haven't kept track of my month in numbers.....and I really should have, as I love this way of recording. Previously I completed a layout each month and in the end I lost the will. 

Seeing Julie's numbers this month inspired me to use numbers to record my son's birthday. For me this is the best way to remember all the little things that I would otherwise forget.
23. the date of H's birthday, shared with St. George and Shakespeare. Not a bad day to have a birthday!
14. the number of candles on his birthday cake. Your eyes are not deceiving you, there are only 10 candles on the cake. I thought I had candles, it turned out I did....10 of them.  Silly mum!!

2.5. the number of packets of chocolate fingers used to wrap around his cake.
 1. very apt birthday card. Someone knows him well!
5. pm. the time our table was booked at Red Hot. H's choice, we'd not been there before. It was a most enjoyable evening, the food was lovely and it was good fun for the boys.

Dishes were tasted from 9 different countries. We tried Chinese, American, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese,  Mongolian and British (Jack had to have a roast dinner!). 

6. people who enjoyed small courses each or thereabouts.

21. the number of shot glass jellies recorded... This was round two. The first batch of glasses were cleared away by the waiters.

20+.  marshmellows, soaked in chocolate after been whizzed under the fountain. 

10. ice-creams eaten. My favourite was mango, all the boys loved the bubble gum flavour.
4. pints of coke (if that's how many a pitcher holds...I'm not sure) and 2 pints of water ordered to wash it all down with.
 This is how we all felt at the end of our dinner. 20 minutes after this photo Jack got a second wind and returned to the buffet tables, this time for Melon.
Thank you Julie for reminding me that it's the little things that I want to record.

P.S. *yay* today H's plaster comes least I am hoping it will.  Those things really do get dirty...and smelly!!   He has managed so well, no moaning or whingeing. He had SATS tests this week too so the school has arranged for him to have extra time and a lap top. He has done so well. I am not sure I would have coped so well.


  1. That is a fantastic set of numbers for one event. That restaurant sounds and looks fab - I want to go and visit! Good luck with the plaster coming off x

  2. The numbers do help to pin down some of the more fleeting moments don't they? I recently read back through some old MinN posts of mine and was really pleasantly surprised at how immediate all the moments were - I'm really glad I've kept it up.

    I had to re-read the bit about the jellies a few times just to see if they were alcoholic! I'm sure you're an awesome Mum ... but am guessing maybe not *that* awesome ... ;-)

    And I love the photo of Jack post-meal! I can relate!

    Thanks for linking up Louise - I'll go pin you to the board now:

    Happy May - best of luck with the H's cast!

    Julie :-)

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  4. great record of what looks like a fab celebration. I really must make the effort to do this each month.

  5. I laughed at that card as it is perfect. Must remember it for my XBox addicted tween. Lots of great scrapping photos.

  6. love this entry-i've stopped doing it for a while too and every time julie posts about it i mean to start up again! Can't believe they had all that jelly! We have a red hot buffet in leeds too..must be a chain! X

  7. I love these numbers - they made me smile. Also made me realise I'd better get organised with a card :0)

  8. Love the numbers! Red Hot sounds cool, going to check if we have any near here. Wash slightly worried about all the shot glasses until you explained the jelly!! ;)

  9. Looks like a fabulous birthday, for sure :)

  10. I love your idea to use your numbers to record all the details of your special celebration. I had to laugh about the candles, that is exactly something that I would do.

  11. That is a great set of numbers that has made me feel hungry :) x

  12. What a great way to use numbers!

  13. Meant to say that I love that card!

  14. Those glorious numbers are really tummy-rumbling ones! And where am I going o find marshmallows this time of night! Glad you all had such a memorable time!

  15. Lovely number for your months. I must do this for the next celebration in my house.

  16. That is such a brilliant picture! I know that feeling well....


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