Friday, May 10, 2013

Family x 2 Blog Hop

Last month I joined Margie for her family photo blog hop and I've joined in again this month.

As the weather has been so lousy and with my hip pain we haven't ventured too far. H's friend snapped this iphoto for us, as were on our way to get something to eat. It was so so bitterly cold and windy....and we'd already stood out in it all morning, watching the boys play rugby. We were all shivering soooo much, so it was the quickest posed photo ever. 

It's not a great photo by any means and I did think twice about sharing it. Everytime I look at it though it makes me laugh out loud.....
....C looks like he's about to explode (that's the face of someone so cold)
..... J couldn't stop shaking....what is it with boys and their coats, why do they never want to wear them!
..... S stopped dancing around and acting like a clown for all of 30 seconds

..... and I dare say H was thinking mum do we really have to do this.

 This one has the ability to make us all laugh. Even when we shouldn't!

These family photos bring me onto the BO Bunny Family Collection.
 Have you got/seen them? 

I was so surprised, they are such bright fun funky papers and perfect for a mad crazy family. I have an idea for my family photos, I just hope I can pull it off over the next month or so. 

If you'd like to continue on and see more family photos, your next stop is Diana.

Thank you for stopping by and would you believe I will have another blop hop post up later today, for  Jennifer's amazing Onwards and Upwards blog weekend. 

P.S. No alcohol was used in the making of the shot glass jelly pyramid in my April's MIN's lol!


  1. What a great photo! You are look like icicles! My oldest son refused to wear a coat no matter how cold. He would prefer to freeze in a hoodie even at only 4 degrees C!

  2. Roll on that hip help, eh? It's a great picture

  3. lovely to see y0u all again and it is definitely trickier as the kids get older to get them to stay still long enough to take a photo!! Look forward to seeing your other blog post later xxx

  4. Although you all look freezing, it's still a special family photo and one to cherish x

  5. Awesome family shot. I too have sons! This is my first time to participate in the blog hop. Great layouts. Nice to meet you!

  6. They are great pictures x

  7. I've decided that even the not so great family photos are still better than none... Look forward to seeing the plans of your photos and papers.

  8. Hi Louise! I loved the pictures and the great thing is that they always have a story behind... no matter what!
    So let's wait for the next month and know about the stories we've had to reunite the whole family for a family photo because mum is in a family blog hop! hahahahaha

  9. Lol .... Loving that last comment about the shot glasses.

    What fun photos. Life really is about the unplanned, unposed for photos :)

  10. Love these, they made me laugh too as my little boy is just the same prancing infront of the camera!


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