Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Are you still working through Rinda's summertime scavenger hunt list?
 We are and here are a few more to cross off the list.

A Windmill - taken at Alton Towers after a debate with number one son. Original I took photos of some windmills, when I was informed that they weren't Windmills they were Wind Turbines! 
Eventually this one was spotted from the a ride.
Someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn't belong.
I don't think I've ever seen a NYPD police car here in the UK......travelling along the motorway on a trailer.
an airplane - taken through my brother's skylight - taking off from Heathrow Airport.

an open air market - not the best one at that!

a dinosaur 
a wolf taking a nap 

I saved what I thought was.... the best.... till last.....

Now it's not every day you see a bottle of it??
I'm hoping that this falls into the category of A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny.
So with 15 items crossed of the list - there's not many more to go.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

6 on the 6th

This month so far has been all about photographs so it's about time I shared something that includes a little paper don't you think.

On the 6th of each month SJ Crafts will be sharing 6 cards with an attempt to get us all organised and ready for Christmas., most definitely.... I can't get into Christmas mode until the end of least...or so I thought. 
A sneak peak I shared on Instagram @louise172
Seeing the first post over at SJ Crafts made me hook out last years supplies. Initially
I didn't think I had any supplies from last year, see... I normally use all my Christmas supplies on my Christmas journal. With such a late holiday last year I never got around to completing a journal and therefore found the Echo Park Christmas Kit that I'd put away along with some Bo Bunny papers I won.

To this kit I added some ribbon, twine, badges, doilies and tags. This is how my first batch of this years Christmas cards turned out..... and........ it's only August!!!!
 and some close ups.
So how are you feeling about Christmas?
Are you ready to kick start your Christmas card making?
SJ Crafts will be sharing six cards on the 6th between now and December....
.....and the invitation is open for you all too join in.

I look forward to seeing all your cards 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Scavenger Hunt

This past week we (it's been a family affair :)) have been hunting for the items on Rinda's Summertime Scavenger Hunt list. We're been able to cross a few more of the list now.

Number 3. City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building, 
Town Hall - Uttoxeter  - the area we stayed when visiting Alton Towers last week....

 another civic building....and one of my favourite Instagram photos - The liver Building - Liverpool
 Number 11. An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, etc.....A shrimp on my hand in the aquarium #peculiarfeeling.
A tower...number 8 on the list.

I've lost count of the number of towers we found over the last's just a few....

 Albert Docks


  and back to the Albert Docks - Radio City Tower 

It's back to work for me tomorrow *big big sigh*. Some more items have been found from the list over the weekend and I hope to blog them this week.

Enjoy your week ahead

Friday, August 09, 2013


While away last week we visited my husbands aunt who had recently moved into a new house. Her partner has been busy tending to the garden and creating his vegetable patch. 

We were chatting in the garden...I was checking out the i've always liked the idea of an allotment... when Aunt H referred to all the bugs eating their vegetables plants. The conversation between her and my husband went something like this.

......"We are having terrible trouble with the bugs eating the plants "

 " I've read, if you put marigolds between the plants it keep the insects away"...he said

 " Oh really, i'll have to try that......what do you do with them.... I suppose you put them on the end of the sticks?"

It took a split second for us all to register....before we feel about laughing. 

A couple of days ago Aunt H sent through this photo.

the text read 
" Hey C, it seems to be working....especially the one in the middle, thanks for the gardeners tip xx"

Funny mad moment......captured.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Do you ever wonder why it takes you so long to join/try out something new?

This is how I felt last week when I downloaded the Instagram App.

I really don't like change especially of the technical nature and am always being "nagged" at by my "techy geek" of a husband. So when, eventually, I got a new mobile phone, he showed me how to work it and how to download apps.

Until now Project life has always seemed like such a huge project to take on....... with instagram I can see how it can help organise and document for me....and that's just one good reason.

Already this week I have found some family members on it and exchanged a few lovely comments with Ginger and Wrightboysmum. I also noticed that summertime scavenger photos are being shared on it too.... If you are an instagram user I'd love to know.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Summer Scavenger Hunt

It's always lovely to get home after being away...this past week we have visited relatives, docks, cathedrals and theme parks. The weather was kind to us mostly and we managed to spot some of the items on Rinda's summer scavenger photo hunt. 

It was a family affair, were the boys shouted out when they spotted an item...even from a theme park ride....others must have wondered why two boys where shouting "A Windmill" from a high ride and waving frantically in the direction they had just travelled.  Once we saw a tower...we saw ten and when we started to look at clouds in the shape of something we begged to differ. There are still a few items left for us to find and i'm sure we will have as much fun finding these and we spent last week finding......

A bench outside - Albert Docks Liverpool. This was a day when the weather was very overcast and the rain held off until we took an open roof bus tour..

 The fascinating thing for me were all the engraved lovelocks attached to the railings. 
   A stained glass object or a mosaic - This is Chester Cathedral and the window from the outside.
  It looks so much prettier from the inside
 Then we got a little competitive....who could get the best stain glass window photo.....lets just say I chose to use this one, that I took :) 

  ... or a mosaic....From a distance I thought these were tapestries hung on the cathedral wall. On closure inspection you can see that they are huge mosaics and very detailed and pretty they were too. Spoilt for choice I thought I'd post both.
 Candle (S). Still inside the Cathedral


A fence..... While visiting my husbands aunt, the fence and sunset looked good

  a sunset.... over the fence
 I still have photos to share...but don't want to overload blogger tonight...I know how temperamental it can be. Now I am back home I hope to catch up on my blog reading and have some creative time.

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