Friday, August 09, 2013


While away last week we visited my husbands aunt who had recently moved into a new house. Her partner has been busy tending to the garden and creating his vegetable patch. 

We were chatting in the garden...I was checking out the i've always liked the idea of an allotment... when Aunt H referred to all the bugs eating their vegetables plants. The conversation between her and my husband went something like this.

......"We are having terrible trouble with the bugs eating the plants "

 " I've read, if you put marigolds between the plants it keep the insects away"...he said

 " Oh really, i'll have to try that......what do you do with them.... I suppose you put them on the end of the sticks?"

It took a split second for us all to register....before we feel about laughing. 

A couple of days ago Aunt H sent through this photo.

the text read 
" Hey C, it seems to be working....especially the one in the middle, thanks for the gardeners tip xx"

Funny mad moment......captured.


  1. oh that made me laugh out loud - I was still thinking the flowers until I saw the photo :)

    I'll have to remember that tip if the flowers don't work...

  2. lol, this did make me smile

  3. What a hoot! Really made me chuckle!

  4. Okay, this was something definitely lost in translation. The only marigolds I'm aware of ARE flowers. Apparently, marigolds are also rubber gloves???

  5. Oh that is priceless bless her. Marigolds do work for tomatoes I know that. lol. xx

  6. Lol that is just too funny and I so love that she sent you the photo! :) We have started a little vegetable garden and are having a problem with bugs, we will have to try that ;)

  7. heheheheehe! I didn't get it until I saw the picture. Then I remembered that over there they are a brand of cleaning gloves. She has a wicked sense of humor!

  8. LOL! Love it! I'm surprised about the marigolds though because they are notorious for attracting slugs and snails. Maybe it keeps them away from everything then!

  9. Fantastic, that's really made me laugh x


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