Monday, August 05, 2013

Summer Scavenger Hunt

It's always lovely to get home after being away...this past week we have visited relatives, docks, cathedrals and theme parks. The weather was kind to us mostly and we managed to spot some of the items on Rinda's summer scavenger photo hunt. 

It was a family affair, were the boys shouted out when they spotted an item...even from a theme park ride....others must have wondered why two boys where shouting "A Windmill" from a high ride and waving frantically in the direction they had just travelled.  Once we saw a tower...we saw ten and when we started to look at clouds in the shape of something we begged to differ. There are still a few items left for us to find and i'm sure we will have as much fun finding these and we spent last week finding......

A bench outside - Albert Docks Liverpool. This was a day when the weather was very overcast and the rain held off until we took an open roof bus tour..

 The fascinating thing for me were all the engraved lovelocks attached to the railings. 
   A stained glass object or a mosaic - This is Chester Cathedral and the window from the outside.
  It looks so much prettier from the inside
 Then we got a little competitive....who could get the best stain glass window photo.....lets just say I chose to use this one, that I took :) 

  ... or a mosaic....From a distance I thought these were tapestries hung on the cathedral wall. On closure inspection you can see that they are huge mosaics and very detailed and pretty they were too. Spoilt for choice I thought I'd post both.
 Candle (S). Still inside the Cathedral


A fence..... While visiting my husbands aunt, the fence and sunset looked good

  a sunset.... over the fence
 I still have photos to share...but don't want to overload blogger tonight...I know how temperamental it can be. Now I am back home I hope to catch up on my blog reading and have some creative time.


  1. What great finds! I especially love the candle photo, the mosaic and the sunset over the fence.
    Glad the scavenger hunt enlivened your already wonderful vacation!

  2. Glad you have had a good time, good to see you back. Great photos. xx

  3. You have got some great shots there x

  4. Oh, great pictures. I'd never heard of love-locks. Wonderful.

  5. you have some wonderful photos Louise, I love the bench one

  6. Isn't it fun to have the extra challenge to pull the family together on vacation? Of course your stained glass window photo is the best ;) Enjoy your scrapping time.

  7. So many great photos! The stained glass is magnificent, but I also look your sunset and fence... You seem to be getting out and about and enjoying the summer.

  8. Great photos especially the stained glass. I laughed at the windmill story as we were the same on the Squirrel Nutty ride at Alton Towers.

  9. It's good to see you back Louise. You have some gorgeous pictures there..those stained glass windows are really something

  10. Fabulous photos. Looks like a great holiday.


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