Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summertime Scavenger Hunt

Rindas Summertime Scavenger Hunt has been a family affair and tonight on the last day i'm here to share my last few photos with you.

A fisherman - not one but four. My dad has individually taken the boys fishing during the summer holidays. They have each enjoyed a packed lunch made by Nan and a day spent with Grandad at the lake. 
No1 Son
 No2 Son
  and No3 son - putting the maggots on the hook ....ew!!
 and just so he doesn't feel left out No1 dad.
 This next one is a little lame. We searched the clouds in the sky day after day. We debated over shapes one of us found.. yet the other couldn't identify until we all agreed on this one.
 An ice lollie....popsicle!
 A fire engine.
 The next couple are ones I've captured since posting the originals.
I think this amazing elephant is better suited to an animal in a zoo.
  ...... a funny sign. 

Originally I posted a photo of a bottle. A bottle of sperm oil. Not really a funny sign, more peculiar wouldn't you say. Some of you mentioned that this must refer to a sperm whale, this was my thought too. Wikipedia does refer to Sperm oil as a waxy liquid obtained from sperm whales.ew.ew.ew.

Out walking the dog this week we noticed these new signs put up around the village. 
"There's no such thing as the dog poo fairy"
"Bag that poo - any bin will do"

It made me smile.
our local pub

and lastly......I'm substituting a theatre for performing arts for a sundial.
Thanks Rinda we've had a fun summer capturing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thank you's

 It doesn't have to be big.
It doesn't have to be expensive. 

A few kind words work for me.
sorry my photography has gone to pot.
A little prettiness using the gorgeous handmade flowers (dragonfly charm, tiny made with love silver charm and twine) from Craftybuiness4u. 

Craftybusiness4u have ventured into the world of blogging. 
You can find them here

I've been trying to persuade Craftybusiness4u that we need a photo of them on their new blog, the girls behind the business. What do you think?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Simply a moment

Yesterday was Sunday. Sunday is the day when I watch my three little men play rugby.

Sunday 15 September 2013 11.15am
I stand between two pitches.....shivering. There were blue skies this morning, I should have known better it's always very windy up on these top pitches. I must remember to sort out my hat, the one with the pompoms that my mum brought me, it covers my ears (you can laugh....but I can't bear the pain the cold wind has on my ears). I look at my feet and wish I had hooked out my snow boots. What has happened to the weather, it feels like someone has flicked a switch and turned Summer into Autumn overnight. Only last week I was still in my flip flops and now I'm thinking about my thermals..Brrrr.
Instagram photo taken last Sunday.
My shivering stops as J runs over to the sideline and takes his weather proof training top off. I am in shock. He never takes his training top off! His cheeks are flushed. His big smile reveals his green gum shield.  He runs back. I think it must be because their new coach has kept them moving all morning. I look at my watch and think about walking hobbling over to watch S for a while.

It doesn't take long for S to see me standing at the sidelines. He's in the middle of a training game and the other side have scored a try. He walks back to the centre. Looks over. Gives me the thumbs up. His pink (yes pink!) gum shield showing as he smiles.

I watch him play..... and think about my telephone conversation with my husband this morning.....He is with H who is also training away today. His session will possibly be the toughest one he's had so far. Brutal is the word that springs to mind from our conversation. Brutal....!!......oh my....

Thank you to alexa for suggesting we take a moment or two. 

P.S. H came home in one piece....phew! :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

One Photo & Twenty Words

Joining in with Abi at Creating Paper Dreams. She challenges us to find a photo and tell it's story in twenty words.
A foggy September morning. Big school. Big smile. New start. Looks smart. Growing up way too fast. Love This Boy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Silver Delight

They come in all shapes and sizes.
Scrapbooking and card making kits and I notice more recently project life kits.

What is it about kits we like?

I'd say it's the variety of products that attract us. Would you? 

" I like a little of everything rather than a lot of one thing"

Today Craftybusiness4u launched their first Creative Colour Kit
and I wanted to share it here with you.
Silver Delight

 I had the pleasure of working with all this goodness. 
....Those glass sparkly buttons are fabulous and so are the hearts ones the shop sells. 10 meters of silver ribbon which I'm thinking Christmas and I can't get enough of the mulberry flowers.
 Included in the kit is a whole roll of solid silver Washi tape, I've found myself covering everything with it!
 (The other washi tapes shown in the photo are from Craftybusiness4u as well)
 I added some stickles glitter to the flower heads for a little added sparkle.

As a thank you for purchasing Silver Delight this month Crafty Business4u will enclose a 10m wrapping of their Grey Bakers Divine Twine.
Divine it truly is. 

For your "little of everything" you can find Silver Delight here.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Story Telling Monday - Pick your Precious

Another month and another late story. Joining in with Pick your Precious, hosted by Sian from High in the Sky.   It's a story not about a possession but one of friendship.

To think ..... eight years ago I never knew these girls. When we moved from London in favour of village life, I couldn't have imagined meeting these lovely ladies. They make me laugh (so much) and cry (in a good way) there really is never a dull moment.

As there are seven of us I thought I'd share seven facts with you about us ladies that lunch. 
  1. We have 22 children between us. 15 boys and 7 Girls. Three of us have three boys each.
  2. Two of us grew up not far from each other in West London and we always joke that I was from the posh part and she wasn't (really I wasn't!)
  3. One of us is a fitness freak (and its not me!)
  4. One of us wants at least two more children (and that's not me either....oh my!) 
  5. Three of us grew up in the village and one of us has never left the village (and after what I said above, you know that's not me.)  
  6. Three of us have birthdays in April and two of us share the same birthday in October.   
  7. All of us lunch together every other week, six of us see each other most days and without one of us I'd be lost (I really would!)
Instagram photo - so we remember where and when.
Here we are all together, a couple of weeks ago, on one of our summer holiday outings.... Wind swept, slightly pinker than when we started the day, damp from our swim in the sea, covered in sand.........and still smiling. 
Happy Days. 
Love these girls.

Friday, September 06, 2013

6 on the 6th

Hello Hello Hello

The summer holidays are finally over...sob sob....I found that for the past month or so I've been dipping in and out of the blogging world. With things settling down now I'm hoping that a routine will help me to slip back into it the swing of things.

We've had a super summer, the weather has been glorious, apart from the day we took an open bus tour around Liverpool when the heavens opened....a story to scrap. Memories have been made and in time some will be captured on a layout or two. I'm hoping you've all had a good six weeks or so too.

It's not been an entirely unproductive six weeks....a few hours were found here and there. Today I'd like to share with you what those few hours produced.....

After making a set of Christmas cards to join in with SJ Crafts 6 cards on the 6th last month- I found I wanted to make another set. Quite extraordinary...for me to be embracing Christmas so early.

It helped that Sarah sent me the new Teresa Collins 6x6 Santa's list and sticker set to work with. Whoop whoop....they didn't disappoint. Following Jennifer and Sarah's idea from last month I pulled together some items that I thought would work well with the Teresa Collins collection. 
When it came to using the kit and making a set of Christmas cards I found that most of the kit I left untouched. The Teresa Collins 6x6 Santas List paper pad was enough on its own, it had all the elements I needed to make some lovely cards. The only touches I added were the vellum snowflakes and twine. 
The gorgeous 6x6 paper pad has two sheets of each I can make another set - and there would still be enough papers left over to make another half a dozen cards I reckon.  I'm sure you wouldn't be able to buy 12-18 layered handmade cards for the same price as a 6x6 pad!

It's now September and I have 12 Christmas cards already made. If you do decide to join in with the challenge each month from now until December then you'll have 24 special handmade cards ready for posting. 

Go on.... give it a go...I know you want to :)

If you would like to see more Christmas Cards pop across to SJCrafts blog where Jennifer gives you an overview of the challenge and Jenny shares her six amazing Christmas cards with you.  You'll also see that you if you link up your cards to the series you will be entered into a draw to win a pizza box of goodies.

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