Monday, September 09, 2013

Story Telling Monday - Pick your Precious

Another month and another late story. Joining in with Pick your Precious, hosted by Sian from High in the Sky.   It's a story not about a possession but one of friendship.

To think ..... eight years ago I never knew these girls. When we moved from London in favour of village life, I couldn't have imagined meeting these lovely ladies. They make me laugh (so much) and cry (in a good way) there really is never a dull moment.

As there are seven of us I thought I'd share seven facts with you about us ladies that lunch. 
  1. We have 22 children between us. 15 boys and 7 Girls. Three of us have three boys each.
  2. Two of us grew up not far from each other in West London and we always joke that I was from the posh part and she wasn't (really I wasn't!)
  3. One of us is a fitness freak (and its not me!)
  4. One of us wants at least two more children (and that's not me either....oh my!) 
  5. Three of us grew up in the village and one of us has never left the village (and after what I said above, you know that's not me.)  
  6. Three of us have birthdays in April and two of us share the same birthday in October.   
  7. All of us lunch together every other week, six of us see each other most days and without one of us I'd be lost (I really would!)
Instagram photo - so we remember where and when.
Here we are all together, a couple of weeks ago, on one of our summer holiday outings.... Wind swept, slightly pinker than when we started the day, damp from our swim in the sea, covered in sand.........and still smiling. 
Happy Days. 
Love these girls.


  1. What a great pick for Storytelling.

  2. How fun! Girls nights / days out are so important and they sound like a great bunch!

  3. Great fun post(and with a serious message too: great friends are to be appreciated!)

  4. Everybody needs girlfriends and it looks like you have a posse!

  5. Oh how lovely - glad you got to get away and then remembered to take a photo!

  6. They certainly are a wonderful precious Louise xxx

  7. A fabulous 'precious' longest standing friends arrive on Friday and I am SO looking forward to spending some time with them!
    ALSON xx

  8. How very precious indeed these friendships must be - you are indeed fortunate. And how happy you all look together ...

  9. That's a really lovely post, it's great to find good friends x


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