Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summertime Scavenger Hunt

Rindas Summertime Scavenger Hunt has been a family affair and tonight on the last day i'm here to share my last few photos with you.

A fisherman - not one but four. My dad has individually taken the boys fishing during the summer holidays. They have each enjoyed a packed lunch made by Nan and a day spent with Grandad at the lake. 
No1 Son
 No2 Son
  and No3 son - putting the maggots on the hook ....ew!!
 and just so he doesn't feel left out No1 dad.
 This next one is a little lame. We searched the clouds in the sky day after day. We debated over shapes one of us found.. yet the other couldn't identify until we all agreed on this one.
 An ice lollie....popsicle!
 A fire engine.
 The next couple are ones I've captured since posting the originals.
I think this amazing elephant is better suited to an animal in a zoo.
  ...... a funny sign. 

Originally I posted a photo of a bottle. A bottle of sperm oil. Not really a funny sign, more peculiar wouldn't you say. Some of you mentioned that this must refer to a sperm whale, this was my thought too. Wikipedia does refer to Sperm oil as a waxy liquid obtained from sperm whales.ew.ew.ew.

Out walking the dog this week we noticed these new signs put up around the village. 
"There's no such thing as the dog poo fairy"
"Bag that poo - any bin will do"

It made me smile.
our local pub

and lastly......I'm substituting a theatre for performing arts for a sundial.
Thanks Rinda we've had a fun summer capturing.


  1. Hi

    Lovely photos,:):)
    Your photos are always fabulous:)


  2. Great photos. The ice lollie cloud is cool.

  3. well done on getting so many great scavenger hunt photos been fun seeing them all xxx

  4. I really like the ice lolly cloud too! Great photos! Andy:)

  5. I love the photos. What great memories for the boys to have special time with their grand dad too.

  6. well done, I love the fishermen,
    Joy xx

  7. What a great Popsicle. Great funny sign. I laughed when I read it and those sitting with me had to know what was so funny. They liked it too.

  8. I just love the cloud picture - well done spotting that one.
    Margaret - glitterandglue

  9. Great photos Louise x
    I can see a lolly cloud too :D

  10. Hi there. What a treasure your boys have in their Grandad, special times. Loved looking at your photos, esp the Liverpool ones as we lived in Southport before coming up to the Scottish Highlands, and I have so many happy memories of days out in Liverpool (I read that a yellow duckmarine sank in the Albert dock this summer! lol). Super photo selection.

  11. How lovely that your Dad took each of your boys for a one to one day out. Special times with their Granddad :o) It looks just like a mini milk! Great captures.

  12. Love the idea of a scavenger photo hunt! Great to see your boys enjoying fishing with their grandad.

  13. Love the Dog Poo sign and your ewws... love your sense of humor.

  14. Yeah, I think that's a lollipop alright :) A great collection which really brings out the fun in a family effort at collecting

  15. Fab photos and presented with a great sense of humour - dog poo fairy indeed!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done, hope to see you again next year, kind regards, John W #17.

  16. great selection of photos, well done on finding them all. xx

  17. We've got those signs around here - which as we talk about 'there isn't a dishwasher fairy' here has made us laugh. Yeah for special time with Granddad and family fun collecting :)

  18. Great pics, Louise....I definately see an ice lolly and the 'poo fairy' made me laugh too!
    Alison xx

  19. Great finds especially the ice lolly, it's brilliant.

  20. We have the "poo fairy" signs by us lol. You've got great photos :)

  21. You got some great photos and I love the poo fairy sign :) x

  22. Fantastic photos Louise and I just love that your Dad took each of the boys fishing, what a beautiful memory for them to treasure :)

  23. I saw the lollypop too! So often I can't see what people say they can see but that was so clear!

  24. Your popsicle cloud has really made me smile - genius! Sorry to be late arriving - am trying to catch up. Hoping all is well with you ...


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