Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thank you

Thank you for all the lovely comments left on my Simply a Moment post. When you're a mum, working and keeping house it's hard to adjust.....having to rely on others for almost everything is soooo frustrating. You have to let go and allow someone else to take charge. It's not easy! 

The boys are of an age where they are self sufficient.....ish and they have been a great help. Then last night H ended up in A&E. Rugby training. A studded foot met his face. He's now sporting a swollen face, 5 stitches and what looks to be the start of a shinny black eye! His dad was with him luckily..... but still .....not being able to go to him was the most awful feeling. It brings home to you how much you take for granted. I have some cards to share with you, these were made prior to going into hospital. The  cards were lifted from pinterest, using washi tape and mulberry flowers with some stickles sparkle. I did plan to take part in SJ Crafts 6onthe6th Christmas Card Challenge this month, not knowing that I would be completely out of action for a while.
Next..... I''m going to make some notes to plan out my Christmas Journal....
Have you planned yours?
Will you be following prompts?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Simply a Moment

It's good to be back...... to open my laptop and type something here.
 I'm joining in with Alexa's Simply a Moment.
Friday 15th November 13.30pm
I'm lying on the sofa, propped up with pillows, legs straight out in from of me. My helping hand and crutches by my side. A small table holding all the little things I need is too hand, the bright red Poinsettia that sits on it reminds me that Christmas is on it's way.

I'm thinking how thankful I am for my lovely family, parents and friends who have all rallied around to ensure that I haven't been left on my own.

 Just over two weeks ago, I really thought I'd never walk again.
The surgeon said the operation had taken much longer than expected and with the work they'd carried out to try and preserve my hip, he would expect me to be in this much pain. I couldn't move, the pain was excruciating, the drugs were making me feel violently sick, itchy and so so drowsy!

 A few mornings later I awoke, someone had flicked a switch! The pain was still there but it wasn't like before. Maybe the body was starting to heal, maybe my pain relief was stable, maybe now they would let me go home.

After six days they allowed me to leave and slowly over these past two weeks every day has been a little easier.
I'd love to take this moment to thank everyone for their kind words, for all the gifts and flowers. Most importantly to my family and friends who without their support would have made the past few weeks even tougher than it's already been.

This is the first week where I've felt able to stay awake and read for a while. For a few minutes here and there I have scrolled through Pinterest and Instagram.... there's nothing like catching up on your blog posts though. 

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