Thursday, January 30, 2014

Twenty Twenty Scrapbooking

I have a layout to share with you today, inspired by Sian's article in Jot magazine this month, Twenty Twenty Scrapbooking.
Sian talks of taking twenty minutes to pick and plan your page, twenty minutes to create your page and another twenty minutes to prettify your page. Short bursts work well for me...this is how it went.
I picked my photo, two project life cards and some gold washi to co-ordinate with the stars. I wanted to add a little splatter so I done this right at the end leaving it to dry.... before my next twenty minutes spurt.

It was school run time so I walked down to school to collect No.3 son. yep...part of my post-op exercise is to walk to school everyday... Some days I manage the morning and afternoon walk, some days I can only manage one. Somedays none. I still have the aid of a stick and with the help of physio it's getting easier. My hip has stopped getting stuck when I walk..."yay"... so that's one area that is working if only I could walk (and sit and.....oh sleep..just one night...just one... without waking in pain would be good!) without the rest of my hip hurting and get rid of the limp!! When I haven't walked properly for over 18 months they say it will take time!  I'm looking forward to getting back to work (..did I really say that!!!.... maybe ...."looking forward" isn't the right choice of words, getting back into a routine again before I get used to being at home all day is more like it!!)

Oh my.... I went off at a tangent.........the same happens when I put a layout together. I suppose that's why twenty twenty scrapbooking appealed to me...and my concentration span!

Later that evening, when the house was sleeping, I spent the next twenty minutes picking out some layers, some embellies, adding a little colour and a journalling card. You  might just be able to make the journaling card out, tucked away behind the photo.

The following morning the final twenty minutes was spent threading the needle on my sewing machine #Ineedtogotospecsavers! At least it felt like it took twenty minutes. When I eventually got the thread through that tiny hole I added lots of stitching to pretty up the page.

This is most possibly one of the quickest layouts I have ever put together...thanks too twenty twenty scrapbooking. I will certainly be trying it again.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Minions and Minions

Have you danced with a minion?

It was totally unexpected and a lovely surprise to find lots of minions dancing when we came of the Despicable Me ride.
A quick photo opportunity after too.

More Florida photos and memories recorded.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Believe in the Magic

Eight years old was a super age for this little man to visit Disney. 
For him it was magical. 
For me it was magical..... and I'm well into double numbers now :)

He carried around his autograph book and managed to get lots of signatures. Unless you were Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Alice in Wonderland or Snow White. Then unfortunately this handsome boy wasn't interested. Which surprised me, as he does like the girls and the girls like him. Pink was his favourite colour for a couple of years and he wears a pink gumshield for Rugby......Maybe queuing for a girls signature just wasn't a cool thing to do.
Simple Stories Say Cheese, MME Cut&Paste (Bside), Teresa Collins Family Stories 

The title card was all I needed for this layout to fit nicely amongst the Universal Park section of my album.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Simpsons

Remember the big Simpsons photo layout I shared here. This is the accompanying page. 
The little man collecting more autographs for his little book....

....and the Simpson ride. 
No2 and No3 son's bestest ride..... from all the parks we visited. 
So they say. 

Me... well I'd like to say the ride was good. Only the little peeks I saw from between my fingers sent me screaming. So much so that I had to apologise to the couple in the car with us!! I know if it had been me in the car with some neurotic woman screaming her head off...on what is essentially a ride where your feet do not leave the ground, then I would have thought get a grip woman.... I'm sure. The only grip I could get was clinging to No2 son!! 

Those simulator rides are far too real.
If you have been to Universal Sudios do you have a favourite ride/attraction?
and here they are in the 6x4 page pockets.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Goofing Around

I've been working on and off my Florida album for a year now..... I will finish it....I will....I will....I will!

The album is all laid out, photos have been organised, the travel journal is too hand -  so it really is a case of a creating a new page when the fancy takes. From the outset I wanted this album to resemble a diary of our time in Florida, for it to be eye catching, fun and simple. I didn't want to rush it and find that I'd created pages for the sake of getting the album finished. So here I am a year down the line still sharing the odd page or three.
We all have favourite Disney characters don't we? Who is yours? Mine has always been Pluto. Unfortunately we never got a photo opportunity with Pluto. So the next best character for me was Goofy. There was no queue so he goofed around with the boys, high fiving them and signing autographs for the little man.
I had so many goofy photographs that I had to put two layouts together. Using the simple stories Say cheese collection kit which had goofy stickers....pretty cool eh!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Big Title Challenge

For a while now I have been following Nina Christensen's blog. Her blog is full of inspiration, she creates gorgeous layouts and project life pages and she has a big filo fax fetish. Something I couldn't live without in the 90''s.... in fact I am seriously considering hooking it out and giving it a revamp.
Have any of you got or used one in the past?

Last week I noticed her Big Title challenge. As challenges go I usually come across them in my blog reader and then get side tracked and end up doing my own thing with no relevance to the challenge at all. So I was surprised when I was putting together a fun Florida layout that a big title came to mind. The big photo is so busy with so many colours that I kept the page simple.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Photo & Twenty Words

Joining in with Abi's One Photo & Twenty Words 
It makes me smile when I find No3 son has drawn us all. He gets the little details just right. 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Common Themed Cards...part 2

Hello there, I'm back again today to link up with SJ Crafts where my second set of Common themed cards are over on the blog.

Karen left me a comment on my last post reminding me of a time when I never made cards. It did make me smile. Me and card making over the years has definitely been a relationship of love/hate. Last year I think was a year for embracing and actually enjoying the whole card making process. Dare I say that the relationship is now one of love.

Here is a little peep at round two of my common themed cards.
That's for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Common Themed Cards

Happy New Year to you all.

Today I am over on SJ Crafts blog, where I share with you my first creative project of the year.... Common themed cards.

I was inspired by the Christmas Card Challenge, Six on the Sixth, over at SJ Crafts at the end of last year to start the new year off by creating a selection of common themed greeting cards. 
I'll be back tomorrow to share another set of common themed cards with you.

The boys returned to school today, which means I may get a little time to get stuck into the big pile of photographs waiting to be scrapped.Well...that's the plan!
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