Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Simpsons

Remember the big Simpsons photo layout I shared here. This is the accompanying page. 
The little man collecting more autographs for his little book....

....and the Simpson ride. 
No2 and No3 son's bestest ride..... from all the parks we visited. 
So they say. 

Me... well I'd like to say the ride was good. Only the little peeks I saw from between my fingers sent me screaming. So much so that I had to apologise to the couple in the car with us!! I know if it had been me in the car with some neurotic woman screaming her head off...on what is essentially a ride where your feet do not leave the ground, then I would have thought get a grip woman.... I'm sure. The only grip I could get was clinging to No2 son!! 

Those simulator rides are far too real.
If you have been to Universal Sudios do you have a favourite ride/attraction?
and here they are in the 6x4 page pockets.


  1. This is a bit like project life Lou! We loved the Simpsons ride at universal studios!

  2. As always I do love all the little details - stitching and clusters. Inspires me to at least think about getting the sewing machine out ;)

  3. The Simpsons ride must be relatively new - don't remember that one. LOVE the idea of using divided page protectors for a few character shots ... going to nick that one for our Disney 2004 album. TFS

  4. I'd be the same - you would be able to hear me screaming from here I'd think.

    ..my sewing machine needs serviced. I'm wishing I had taken it last weekend now after seeing your lovely stitching!

  5. This is such fun, you've really captured the happy feeling

  6. This is such a great page - love the balance of those yellows and blues and the varieties of stitching ... I admire you for even getting on the rides - I would have been sitting them out on the sidelines !

  7. Absolutely love your page....but not the rides......I won't even set foot on one!!

  8. Hi

    Fabulous and lovely page:D:D

    Happy New Year:D


  9. Super cool work! I love rides so much! This is awesome!!!

  10. Lovely divided page spread Louise x
    I know that ride well & hubby ended up looking green after going on it once too many :D

  11. Great page. I went on a simulator ride once and had to press the emergency stop button! xx

  12. I LOVE the design of this, the colors and the fact that you are pairing it with a full one photo layout is brilliant! Super fun subject too ;)


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