Monday, April 14, 2014

Amy Tangerine's Stickers

Well hello there, thank you for your kind words on my previous post. Unfortunately they lost there game against wasn't an easy win for Portsmouth by any means and our lads gave them a really good game. In our defense we were up against a team who had to borrow players from the age group above. With another year of growing and training for these really do notice a difference. 

Today...has nothing to do with Rugby ( know me too well, there may be something slightly Rugby related here somewhere) ....It's all to do with....

Only......... you'll have to pop across to SJ Crafts to see..... how I used my leftover sticker sheet :)

The post features both layouts and cards....
I look forward to seeing you over there x


  1. Those cards look fabulous!

  2. Good sticker usage...I need to get some sheets out and see how many I can use (cos they are those little hidden treasures that can get lost in your collection amongst the papers!)

  3. Great post and sticker usage :)

  4. Just been over and read be post. I'm now seeing those sticker sheets in a new light! Have one on my desk at the moment which has given me an idea :)

  5. I always have trouble using stickers but you've inspired me to get mine out and have another go :) x


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