Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Misting a Grid Design

I found myself up very early one morning last week.... the whole house was snoring...even the furry one.  There is something about the tranquility of a house full of sleeping beauty's.

With an hour or so to myself,  I made a cuppa and disappeared into my little room. Remembering a video I had watched the night before over on Nina Christensen's blog I pulled out an old 6x6 template and some mists. Before I knew it an hour had flown by.

I started off with an old 6x6 template and sprayed a grid design onto my cardstock. This is what it looked like (after I'd stuck down the title).
Papers from SJ Crafts March Kit 7 Dots Illumination collection and Amy Tan's Plus One Collection.
Several layers were used under the photo, mainly leftover scraps. I have a thing about having to use up scraps and find that using several layers to matt a photo helps.
  Can you see that I added my journaling to one of the layers, so it's hidden away under the photo. 
The triangle stamp you see on the page is from Nina's shop, Stromsvig.
By now an hour had passed and still there was no sign of any she reached for her "to scrap" pile of photos and started to put together another layout. Oh don't you just love the school holidays :). 
Thanks to Nina, her video and grid challenge for inspiring this layout.
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  1. Oh, the peace and quiet! I could just feel it, reading this. I really like the way you have misted the different sections of your page

  2. Sounds blissful - I like the grid misting and all the layers. I'm finding mats such a useful thing to finish off my scraps too.

  3. Ab job with the misting,
    Alison xx

  4. The misting is fab - very effective. Hope you get a few more quiet mornings while the kids are off! Great page x

  5. what a great idea, must dust off some of my templates!

  6. The misting is great and so it the thought of an hour or so of peace and quiet in the morning :) x

  7. Oh, that's clever! The joy of being up first. My favourite part of the day :o)

  8. How gentle & delicate your misted background looks x

  9. Its just those sorts of activities that would make you accidentally late for work! Maybe I should try getting up while its quiet too? Nah... too early...

  10. I love the little bit of hidden journalling - I always find it so difficult to find the right place for it! x


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