Saturday, April 26, 2014

See it, Pin it, Do it

It's been a week since I last posted and a long week it has been. No1 son has been away with the school. It was so lovely to be able to pick him up this afternoon. How we have all missed him. It sounds like he had a ball in Barcelona. He came home with little presents for everyone....ahhhh....a little bag of, leaflets, receipts and maps and said he thought I might like them. He knows me well :)

Tonight I'm joining in with Fiona's See it, Pin it, Do last.

Here's the card I pinned and below is the adapted card I made. 
I believe the pinned card was made using watercolours and a gorgeous stamp.

Instead I used ink and bubble wrap and hooked out a Banana Frog flower stamp. I am sure that most things we see and love can be adapted to suit our style and supplies.
Pearl center and gems from here
How often do the projects you Pin to Pinterest inspire you to create?


  1. That looks fab and glad he had a great time. D loved Barcelona and I'm hoping she will show us round one day x

  2. Lovely card. Well done on getting a project inspired by a pin done. I love to pin and at the moment not much crafting going on. I'm studying so it will pass.

  3. What a good boy he is! Thinking to keep all the memorabilia! I am a Pinterest fan and love this idea for a même! Off to check out Fiona's blog but before that, I have to tell you that I love your layered flower!

  4. Fab card, Louise! glad your son enjoyed Barcelona and is home safely...I have a SIPIDI to post when I get home
    Alison xx

  5. it's lovely when they come home happy :)

    I do like your card. The last thing I found I wanted to make on Pinterest was a macaroni cheese recipe, but I wprked from the pin itself and then turned the computer off without actually pinning it to my board and now I've lost it. How daft was that!

  6. I too, love the layered flower. Always a fan of a bit of fussy cutting. Thanks so much for joining in Louise, great to have you along. I'll pop you on the board now.

  7. I love bubble wrap, and the dimension on the flower is beautiful.

  8. I keep meaning to link up to this! I'm often inspired in small ways so I tend to forget but I must do it.

  9. That is a great card and I love how you have made it your own :) x

  10. such a lovely card and I have that stamp too, wish I could find time to make something! x


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