Sunday, June 01, 2014


From my previous post I get the feeling that Tim Holtz products are a little like Marmite!

I'm with the majority.....I hate the stuff....even the smell...yuk! In this house there is only one person who loves husband. He has tried to force  entice the boys to eat it and they are all with me. Are you a lover or a hater?

Back to TH...most recently I am loving a little TH's...especially his range of inks and stencils. I am still using my new TH's faded Dot stencil. In fact I have a few layouts to share with you over the coming week using this stencil. You know I do like to get my money's worth!!

This time I used the stencil and ink to create a background pattern.

This boy makes me smile so much. Talk about getting into character. He just gets it...always has done.
The papers are scraps left over from the Carte Bella Boardwalk kit
Have a lovely evening and I'll be back soon.


  1. I love the colours in this. Perfect.

  2. Great layout and excellent photos! x

  3. I love his style! This is such a lovely layout and I like your choice of colours. I personally don't get on with TH inks and ended up giving mine away.

  4. Great caputure and great layout. I find of you have a great photo it makes the layout so much better!

  5. Oh, these are fun photos and i really like the look you've achieved with the stencil and ink! I had to look up what Marmite was and no, it doesn't sound like something i would enjoy! Yuk!

  6. Lovely use of white for the background.
    As for marmite, I can't stand the stuff either!

  7. Dh was delighted to eat the kids' bounty box marmite as I refused to feed it to a helpless baby ;)

    Love these photos - such a ham, great use of the stencil. I have plans to actually get to use some once we've moved!

  8. Love marmite!

    Also love your page and how you have used the stencil...never really tried before!

  9. Ok first things first .. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE marmite lol

    Now that's done, gotta say fabulous layout ...loving the colours and the stencil

  10. For a confusing little moment, I imagined your husband enticing the boys to eat Tim Holtz products! I'm so easily confused! :)


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