Monday, June 09, 2014

What am I working on.

Hello,  Last Monday the lovely Karen from Me My Camera Eye nominated me to take part in a blog-hop which I have seen popping up in blogland.

I've been enjoying the creative processes of others and am now lucky enough to be joining in. The idea is to answer four creative questions and then nominate three bloggers to do the same next Monday. 

 First up.....
What am I working on now?
I have a few projects on the go. I am still, 18 months later, working on finishing a scrapbook holiday album. It is almost complete now and probably my most favourite scrapbook to flick through. I've just finished this layout using a Tim Holtz stencil, I have a new found love of stencils to create backgrounds.
papers from a Simple Stories Collection
On my desk sits a pile of cards that I'm preparing for a card class I'm organising at the end of next week. There's lots of preparing to do and gathering the supplies to use. Pretty papers are being cut and my big shot will be put to good use.

Finally I am sorting through what feels like millions photos for a Project Life Album. An album that so far consists only of three pages. I have religiously kept notes since the beginning of the year and now I need to start pulling it all together.

How does my work differ from others of its kind?
I'm not sure that it does. Everyone has different styles in scrapbooking...the main aim is that we all create to preserve a special memory or capture a moment in time.

Why do I create what I do? 
 I like the whole process, from capturing a moment on camera (despite all the moaning from unwilling subjects) and eventually preserving the memory on a scrapbook layout.....for eternity.

Pretty papers and embellishments play a huge part too. All the cutting and sticking.... I love the outlet my little hobby gives me.  Woah....did I really say "little". It may well have started out little but it does have a way of taking over and becoming a way of life.

How does my creative process work?
It  usually starts with a photo. Sometimes a story/caption/conversation. More often than not I choose a photo and make a note of the words I want to use or say to go with it. After selecting pretty papers to use, maybe some stamps/stencils/inks I build up a layout, until I'm happy with it. There are no set rules...I craft for pleasure, so I relax and go with the flow.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. Now, it's my turn to nominate and introduce three lovely bloggers to play along with the blog hop next week.

There is Mel at Lets Get Scrappy. Whose blog I have been reading forever. I have no idea how I came across Mel's blog.. but I am so glad that I did, I love here style, her mix of layouts and her project life pages. I enjoy reading about her little man, it reminds me of when mine were small. Plus she is a frequent Instagrammer so I get to see all those photos that may never make it onto a layout.

The next two nominations are both amazing design team members for SJ Crafts :-

I have had the pleasure of meeting, all be it a little too brief, the lovely Jennifer Grace at Jennifer Grace Creates.  Her blog is packed with inspiration, she holds weekend blog events during the year ......  she lives by the sea, so there is always beach themed photos and layouts to admire and she makes very tasty biscuits which my little men had the pleasure of enjoying.

Then there's Lisa-Jane at Come inside my Crazy Head . I've not met Lisa-Jane in person.... yet....I hope to one day. Loving her blog really has nothing to do with the fact that her and her husband love Rugby. In fact her husband is a keen Saints fan. I do envy them getting to see more Saints games than we do and we live in the homeground area :). Her blog shares her love of scrapbooking and amongst other things her WOYWW posts where we get to have a nose around her desk. And we like to be a little nosey don't we.

So...Mel, Jennifer and Lisa-Jane I hope you take up the challenge, join in with this expanding blog hop and I look forward to reading your stories. Thank you for always inspiring me and to the lovely Karen for thinking of me.


  1. I owe a response to these questions myself, so I especially enjoy reading what others have to say. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thank you for taking Part Louise, off to have a nose at your nominated blogs now. :) xx

  3. Fab insight Louise - love the way you've used those stencils on your page - superb!

  4. I always enjoy looking at your blog and seeing what you've been up to x

  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers Louise - it's always good to hear about the thinking behind the creating. A very interesting idea for a different kind of hop

  6. I enjoyed getting to know you better in this post x
    Now I need to sort my post!

  7. It's an interesting hop isn't it. I've enjoyed reading your answers much more than writing my own, in a total panic yesterday, when I realised I was supposed to be posting them!

  8. Thank you for the mention!! I will do my best to respond on Monday :-)

  9. Love the post and the page, Louise. You've got me contemplating the perfection of white cardstock.

  10. I find it interesting to read your process :) as you know I love your work

  11. I like seeing a glimpse at your desk! I'm glad you manage to photograph and document moments despite all the moaning from unwilling subjects!

    I've just done my response here:

    Thanks for the nomination! x


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