Thursday, July 24, 2014

Boys & Comics

Growing up I loved reading a comic and I was reminded of this when H started to read them. Back in 2012 he bought a few of the Walking Dead Comic books and I knew as much as it was a zombie series on TV my sister watched and had on a few occasions tried to talk us into watching it too.
No thanks. 
Not my kind of thing...or so I thought...that is until the day...

....The day that I sat on H's bed chatting to him. His Walking Dead comics were on his desk. I picked up the first in the series, opened it and began reading. Well, you have to make sure that what they are reading is suitable... don't you. As they say the rest is history. We left for Florida a week later and he bought some more (they are half the price in the U.S.) As soon as he'd read them he passed them to me. We came home and purchased series one on DVD. Three of us watched the series. H, his dad and me. The series is slightly different from the comics so H and I would confer whisper and compare.  I have to say I love the comics.... and the series.... which I'm looking forward to returning to our screens later this year.

I used more Heidi Swapp Shape Stencils on my monochromatic layout......with wonky stitching and a cute little bow I crocheted.
So are there any current comics fans out there?
 Or Walking Dead ones?


  1. Sorry not a fan of comics but I do love your background and crocheted bow!

  2. Love your very creative background!

  3. DD and I love love love the walking Dead!

  4. I'm a big Batman fan! I love the films and the "stuff" does that count? I really like what you are doing with these masks

  5. We love comics here - I sold my comic collection to help with the downpayment on our first flat. We used to go to Forbidden Planet when it was just a store front and were excited when it expanded into the basement. These days it is an international chain - online too. But browsing is still fun :)

  6. It's a long time since I read a comic,but my eye is really caught by your misting and stencilling - lovely.

  7. I really like that although you didn't think they'd be "you" ... You tried and were hooked :) oh and I so love your layout here


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