Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love Locks

 Good Morning, I am hoping it is a bright and sunny one for you all.

As promised I'm back with another layout using Heidi Swapp's Shape Stencils.

These love locks were all along the railings at the Albert Docks in Liverpool. I'd never before seen anything like it. There were engraved messages of love. Birthday's, wedding's and anniversary's and messages to ones that are no longer with us. A lovely way to record a special message. 
 These are some photos I took while using the stencils. Can see the level of coverage sprayed over the stencil. It starts from a very fine light spray to a more heavier coverage after a few sprays. 
 I thought I was being clever by taking it into the garden too.
Note to self: check which way the wind is blowing... so legs don't get covered in pink shimmer!  

Once the cards were dry I stitched them to my layout. Simple and effective I think. More and more these days I use mist (or ink) on my layouts. How are you with mists?


  1. It certainly is a sunny one here. Great photo of the "love locks". No matter how careful you are, mists always seem to get somewhere other than where you want them!

    1. I'm using mists more and more. I'm certainly no pro at it yet, but I think you've hit on something: spray something smaller and attach it to your layout. I cannot seem to avoid getting "lines" where I don't want them.

  2. a technique I want to try, I have so many unused mists!

  3. Such a pretty layout, Louise! I keep looking at those stencil and seeing how well yours turned out, I just may have to buy some! :)

  4. I love what other people do with mists...but hate the effects on my own work!!
    Alison xxx

  5. Oh I like this - the simplicity (yet completeness) of the page helps the photo to shine.

  6. I very rely use mists, I can never get an effect as lovely as this.

  7. Really love this layout and the boys and their comics. Great stencils. xx

  8. There are locks along a couple of bridges here in London too. I like mists and have lots of 'em, use them as paints, stamp with them, drizzle or spatter and then of course mist. I use a box but yep I have ended up with mist where I didn't intend. (There is some on the ipad keyboard)


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