Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 Summer Scavenger Hunt

Finally...I am making a dent in the holiday washing and ironing, although I don't think my washing machine will hold out much longer. I only flooded the utility room....I opened the washing machine door as the cycle finished... a huge wave of water flooded out. Not good. How I didn't notice that the water hadn't drained away I'll never know. #needtogotospecsavers.

How quickly we move on eh. Just a few days ago we were on the beach, relaxed, basking in the sun. Now I am back in the through's of domesticity. 

Oh how I wish we back there, searching out our subjects for Rinda's Summer Scavenger hunt. I saved the list especially for our holiday and once again the hunt became a family affair. 

My aim was to capture the whole list while we were away. Only I found that there are some things the Spanish just don't have! 

1. A sign welcoming people to your home town (or a nearby town). 
The town we were staying in.
 3. Birds on a wire
They did walk along a wire during the show - Hope this counts.
 4. A group of tourists
The Sunday market full of tourists haggling for the best price.
 5. A rack of post cards
 6. An urban street scene
(Spanish Style) 
7. A rural landscape
 8. A tattoo on a person
With the camera posed this chap ran past me and I took a couple of extra photos. 
10. A photo bomb 
 Made us smile.
11. A horn (substituting for a birdhouse) I knew this was going to be a tough one to find so I am using my substitution. A strange place for a birdhouse..if this is indeed a birdhouse. It certainly looks like one, there was a bird lurking on the edge too.
 12. A mascot
Our Be Happy Holiday Mascot.  
13. A sunrise
You had to be up early if you wanted a brolly to shade you from the sun during the day. 
 14. A parade
A pool parade. It most certainly woke us from our afternoon snooze in the sun
 15. A juggler
This is were I am to give credit to my darling husband for making the effort to walk across the courtyard one evening to take the photo while I supped my Pina Colada
 16. A sign in a language other than English
 17. A lamp post
Another credit to DH. I couldn't get the angle right so it was agreed that if I gave him the credit he would take the photo. I think he is trying to muscle in on my photo hunt.... don't you?
18. A water fall
 This isn't the best photo, the sun was so bright. Can you see the waterfall at the back ?
 19. A public garden
If you look closely, you can see a chap having a snooze on the bench
 20. A bus with a picture painted on its sides.
We actually got on this bus (to Siam Park - the local Water Park) and can you believe it, I had to be prompted to take a photo. Someone paid more attention to the list than me! 
 21. A photograph of you with something representing the season.
Me, Summer and Ice-cream.....and him. See I wasn't kidding. I'm pretty certain he was muscling in on the Summer Scavenger Photo Hunt.

 There are two items on the list that I "we" were unable to find during our holiday. It seems the Spanish don't do Garden Gnomes and can you believe that we never came across a bakery. 

Thanks Rinda for adding a little more fun to our summer holiday.


  1. It can be fun to take part in these photo challenges and you did pretty well on it. When we did our California road trip we tried to take pictures of a number plate from every state and it was a fun game and way to pass time in the car. Did you go to Tenerife? We have been considering it for an October half term get away. Would you recommend anywhere to stay etc?

  2. Great photos, I especially like the market one, such lovely colours :)

  3. some fab photos there well done Louise xxx

  4. Wow, you did well. I have five more to find but am hoping to get them at a street festival next week.

  5. Great captures and I am sure you were just in a rush when opening the machine :)
    Glad you had such a good holiday. X

  6. Great job capturing almost all of the list! Love the idea a photo scavenger hunt, looks fun! :)

  7. you have done well, great photos.

  8. It looks like such a happy, relaxing time...well deserved I'd say and I hope it sets you all up well for the winter

  9. Wow you have done well, still working through my list lol. Looks like you have had a good holiday. x

  10. Love how you've found gem all in one place. What a great element of fun to add to the holiday. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the washing!

  11. You did really really well, I bet it really added an extra element of fun to what already looked like an amazing holiday

  12. Lovely and nice holiday photos:D:D


  13. It was so interesting to see your vacation photos through the Scavenger Hunt list. It does make you take shots that you would normally not take (one reason I like it so much!) - You managed to get tons of good ones here but my favorite is the family shot with the photo bomb ;)

  14. Loving all those summery snapshots - thanks for sharing.

  15. What a fun set of photos - somehow I'm not surprised the Spanish don't do gnomes.

  16. Super, love the birds. BJ

  17. Looks like you had a good holiday and we get a real flavour of it through your scavenger hunt pictures.

  18. What a great selection of shots. Love the photo bomb. Looks like a lovely holiday. I managed to get several ticked off while we were away too.

  19. Great job finding all these items - such FUN photos!

  20. How fun! I love your photos, and I think a partnership in your scavenger hunt makes for a perfect vacation.

  21. Fabulous vacation spot for so many super photo finds!
    Your hubbie did good too :-)

  22. Great collection, some of mine also came from Spain. You have done really well. Diane

  23. You got some really great, happy, colorful photos. Looks like a wonderful vacation. :-)

  24. wow great photos!! looks like you had a great time too...

  25. Fantastic shots, I love the rack of postcards for an overview of the area you were visiting, and the photo bomb picture is so fun! Lol that the spanish don't do garden gnomes, they totally should. x


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