Thursday, August 21, 2014

SJ Crafts Challenge


We've returned from a lovely relaxing holiday back to a chilly UK. So chilly in fact we had to put the heating on. In August!

While I catch up on the washing and ironing, it's time for another challenge over at SJ Crafts.

The theme is holiday & travel using something old & something new

 Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper.
  If you have boys then you may agree with a few of the things I say here. 

As my three grow up they eat more and more. They are constantly hungry and they are constantly asking:-

 "Can I have something to eat mum" 
" Mum, can I have a...." 
 "What's for dinner mum"
 "What time is dinner mum, I'm starving" 
"Any pud puds mum" (their word for pudding/desert)
and then there's "mum...when are you doing the shopping, there's nothing in the cupboards....."

Is it any wonder the cupboards are bare a few days after doing a weekly shop. 

So...... when we are on holiday it is nice not to think about the food shopping (or cooking).
 In Florida we ate out at a different place pretty much every evening. The boys loved it and H who was thirteen at the time always managed to order the biggest and best meal...every single time. Really.

It became quite a thing, so I started to take photos and keep notes.

Harry VS Food
EAT... Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper. Huh! Two out of three wasn't bad!
See I wasn't telling stories, did you see the plate of pancakes he had for breakfast and the rack of ribs hanging over the edge of the plate. Then there's that huge hotdog!

 At one restaurant he worked his way through a bucket...yes a bucket...full of monkey nuts. Even a little park treat was a family size tube of frozen yogurt.

He's not a greedy boy, he was just ordering what he fancied and every time his meal arrived it was bigger than his dad's. You can surely imagine how much head shaking, moaning and laughing Dad did when his meal arrived smaller than H's!  As the old saying goes "if you can't beat them, join them" .... and that's exactly what he done in the end, by ordering the same meal.

Getting back to the challenge I included some old word stickers. For something new I used Simple Stories label stickers.
A great challenge to mix old with new. I hope you''ll join in the challenge to use up some of the supplies you've been saving or simple hoarding.

Hoping you are all having a super summer x 


  1. Hi hi Louise! I couldn't help but smile at your post because I can't believe the amount of food on those plates but, at the same time all your quotes could have been from my house (well, except for the pud puds one!?!) :P love the spread and its subject(s)!

  2. Forgot to add, i love that pack of sugar and the fact that you thought to include it!

  3. I know the empty cupboard syndrome as we have the same growing spurt going on. I'm always saying they have hollow legs. Your holiday looks great.

  4. I've never had boys, but I have a grandson that eats a LOT!!! We'll come home from eating out and he heads straight for the refrigerator!! Great layouts to remember your son an his appetite!

  5. I still say some of those things to my mom when I visit her. ;) Really fun pages, love the mixture of fonts and how you stitched your receipts and sugar packet to a card!

  6. Great post, OH would always do that to a friend when we went out for dinner. It took so long for him to decide eventually as he was always worried OH's would be better!

  7. Looks like Harry's holidays are all about the food!!

  8. It never changes, my boys still hang round the kitchen waiting for food!

  9. Haha love these pages and your doing well with using a pl style! I have a husband whose like this but Ellis is still quick picky with his food and doesn't have a huge appetite! I dread to think what your food bill is like!

  10. My boys are never full & when the biggest is at Uni my food bills really go down!!
    Fabulous page & a great way of remembering the smaller details of a holiday or should I say larger looking at his plate...!!

  11. Horrible coming back home isn't it!?
    Great layouts but it's not only boys who are hungry, my girl is a waste paper bin!

  12. What fun pages and such a great way to remember a fun holiday

  13. Love it! What a great memory to document. Sadly it's the same with girls too. My 15 year old who is built like a drainpipe just doesn't stop eating! I'm sure she has hollow legs!

  14. Love the photos - and the memorabilia on the page.

  15. Boys, girls, if they are teens they are hungry. Gotta love it!


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