Friday, September 26, 2014

A hive of activity

 Hello is everyone? 

It's been a funny few weeks here. I've had to pack every last craft item away now as work continues on the house. It's funny how I feel.... kinda in limbo. It isn't easy not being able to cut and stick when I fancy..I can tell you!  Still, all the shopping for new items and the delivery of my new kitchen has kept me going.

 This fun set of cards was made a few weeks ago before I packed everything away. I am hoping it'll only be another few weeks before i'm able to unpack it all. I'll keep you posted. 
(using Tim Holtz faded stencil and stamps and dies from Clearly Besotted Stamps)

The boys have been busy. 
No1 son made a brief appearance on our local news this week. His team were filmed for a news piece on the Rugby World cup coming to Milton Keynes next year. Here's a quick clip I recorded from the iplayer. He's the one who comes out the back of the scum and runs off with the ball. Did you manage to see him...if you blinked you've probably missed him lol! You could see him better and much clearer on the big screen.

 Then No3 son played in a tournament and met Will Greenwood. Former England Player. 
(Receiving their award. That's my boy on the far right..big smile.)

and last but not least ....No2 son won his first game of the season...whoop whoop.
 (That's my boy at the back - looking into the ruck.)

In other news. Grand Designs last week showed the building of a round house. Did anyone see it?

If you're not sure, it was the one where the husband and wife bickered over the build, the husband was building a plane too....Remember now?  If you do....this beautiful house sits on the outskirt of our village, so it was lovely to watch the program and actually see what the inside looked like. Now every day when I pass the house, I enjoying see it all the more.   

What have you all been up to? anything exciting?

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Three photos and sixty words

I hope Abi doesn't mind.

It didn't feel right picking one photo. Instead I chose three holiday photos of my beautiful boys and I.

No 2 son

Twelve years old. With the biggest, most generous heart I know. Determined and Courageous.
Love you and your quirky ways.

No 3 son
Ten years old. So funny. I love that you call me mum-a-licious and you are always on my side (yay).

No 1 son
Fifteen years old. A rugby loving boy, with a super sense of humour, you know how to make me laugh.

  I'm popping over to see Abi now, to link up and have a browse through all the other One photo and Twenty word posts - see you there.
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