Friday, January 30, 2015

First day of Secondary School

How many of us remember our first day at secondary school. I remember it well.....I can recall what I worn, who I was with, what we had to do. It was......

8.15am,  I stepped out of the house in my new school uniform armed with my new oversized school bag to meet with two school friends. 

Growing up in West London meant we had a choice of secondary school. We lived within a short walking distance of four secondary schools, so we didn't all get into the school of choice and we only moved onto secondary school with a handful of friends from primary school.

We entered the large school hall together... sat in a chair (no more school floor) and waited. We each waited to hear our name. All three of us were called out - we were lucky to have been put into the same form class together.  It was a big thing then and is still a big thing now. 

Luckily nowadays (at least in our village) they try to make the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible so they know before they start secondary school who they will share a form class with.  It lessoned the worry for him and I'm sure this would have lessoned the worry for me way back when. 

This is him on his first day of secondary school.  September 2013. This year he will enter year 9 - or year 3 as it would have been for some of us. 

    Carrying on from my previous post I wanted to stay with the strong darker background colour. 
    It's the first time I've used textured paste and the effect is fabulous. It so easy to use and gives your   
    layout a little dimension. I'll be using it again soon.  

   Care to share your first day at secondary school? 

  Although my memories of my first day are still quite vivid I do wish I had a photo of the oversized 
  schoolbag  to share.


  1. It certainly is a momentous occasion....well worth documenting.

  2. Darling layout, Louise, love the layers and yes, isn't texture paste fab!?! :)

  3. I knew who I was with but that about it, And love what you have done with his photo. x

  4. Love that texture and the darker background!

    Yes, I can remember my first day too. There was only one school in our town so there was never any doubt about where we would go, but we still needed someone's big brother to show us where to go and then I remember a girl I knew from Guides stopping me from going into the boys cloakrooms instead of the girls. I've never forgotten that little kindness!

  5. Doesn't he look dapper! I don't remember much about my first day - and we didn't have choice, it was all based on district. But the good part was that meant most of your class moved up with you to the same school, even if not in the same homeroom.

  6. You have a handsome young man there. Your LO looks great. Perfect for this occasion. I can remember being sooo nervous to go to a new school even though I new my friends would be there.

  7. What an amazing layout and what a great occasion to document.

  8. I remember my first day, I also remember my first day at infant school! That is a great page with a really lovely photo x

  9. It must be different in England school that is. Here in United states you either go to public (tax paid) school or private (majority of them are religious) I went to the local public school.
    The town I live in now only offers one I believe you call secondary. To be honest I don't recall first of high school. Considering I graduated in 1978..Stop in from Notes on paper...Coffee is on

  10. Loving your bold colours at the mo. x

  11. Lovely colours and layers here - I do like texture paste, found mine whilst packing and unpacking... now to use it!

  12. What a sweet photo! Isn't he lovely? You've made a super page - I do like all those layered bits.

  13. Gosh I don't remember my first day at secondary however I do remember my first day at nursery - how weird is that!!!
    Love all the layering :)

  14. As you know, I'm already a big fan of texture paste!! Great layout and how handsome does your boy look in his new uniform x


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