Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday's Fancies

Good morning to you all,

I remembered to return today with a little project for this weeks Friday's Fancies.

Over a year ago I made some heart pictures frames using these little mulberry flowers. A while back I was asked by a friend if I could make her a picture frame using the same flowers to spell out her daughters initial. 

Oh yes! I love a little challenge.

The finished frame sat on the side - No.3 son (who's 10 years old) was  inspecting  admiring it.

"Mum....." he said "could you make one with a H"
I was so chuffed I gave him a big hug!!
It's not often, if ever, these boys of mine, admire my handy work.

His little girlfriend (of nearly two years - they start young these days) loved it.

What takes your Fancy this Friday? 


  1. Aww, they are lovely - Happy Valentine's!

  2. How inspired, and inspiring! Beautiful in its simplicity. No wonder he wanted one ...

  3. They are both lovely Louise. I remember your beautiful heart frames too.

  4. so pretty and lovely when it is appreciated! x

  5. Aww how lovely of Harry, I can imagine your delight at him asking for one. Xx

  6. Just lovely! And how wonderful he asked for your help.

  7. Aaww, just imagine how proud he must have been to give his girlfriend something his mum had made x

  8. So pretty, I've seen it done with buttons but never flowers, love it!

  9. They are so beautiful and it's sweet that your son asked for one x


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