Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday's Fancies - On a Sunday morning

Lionel Richie's I'm Easy Like a Sunday Morning is the song going around in my head right now and I blame this layout I'm going to share with you today.

My Sunday mornings are far from easy!! They start by ensuring:-
  • the boys are up and are all wearing the right kit with plenty of layers 
  • they have all packed their gum shields and rugby boots - the two most essential items.
  • they have packed their Number 1's, if they have a match (plus a towel and shower gel)
  • or packed a change of clothes if they haven't - for on the way home, so they do not cover the car in mud.
  • his legs are tapped up, if needed, with his lifting blocks
  • I have the right directions if we have an away game
  • my husband knows where he's going and with what son.....I know I know!!
  • I remember my camera..unless it's raining then I leave it behind.
Then I stand on a freezing cold, muddy field/pitch. Often in the rain. Sometimes walking between three pitches or wondering how the others are getting on if they are at a different club. 

While I'm on that muddy pitch I do like to get a few photos and I am thankful that I am not the only one with a camera. This photo was taken last year when I went on tour with No1 son as my husband couldn't get the weekend off work. It was lovely to have some one to one time and to see all the camaraderie between the squad. A lovely bunch of young lads. 

Onto the layout. I used Jennifer's scattered triangle stencil (the large wood veneer camera is from her shop too)  Mixing some Texture paste with Heidi Swapp shimmer mist and applying this to the layout through the stencil.
Can you see the depth and texture...I love it!!

Note to self...I must get a small spatular instead of using whatever comes to hand, 
(bone folder or this time a pencil) to apply this paste.
... here you can see the full layout and me with my camera in hand.

So...are your Sunday Morning's easy?


  1. Love it Louise! Its nice to get these candid shots sometimes to tell the story behind the pictures. I love that texturing paste and this makes me want to make a proper scrapbooking layout again!

  2. Great post Louise. I had to google 'lifting blocks', so I've learnt something as well!

  3. Awesome layout, Louise, that stencil is great and love the photo of you!

  4. The song going round in my head after reading this is that old Record Breakers one:"Dedication.."

    It's a fab page, to show off that wonderful picture

  5. Ace LO the texture paste is great. I was giggling as I'm guilty of using anything handy to put texture paste on as well.

  6. love everything about this from the texture to the stencil, B & W photo, the story ..... just great!! x

  7. Would you believe it if I told you have never used Texture paste, or gesso for that matter?! It looks really good here as does the rest of your page! Love that photo too!

  8. I am admiring not only your dedication, but your artistic flair with that modelling paste and stencil too - how clever! It also seems nice that there's a bit of pink on here too :).

  9. I am worn out reading about your Sunday mornings! That is a beautiful layout with a great photo x

  10. Love that page, you make me want to try modeling paste, even though I stay away from messy techniques.

  11. I'm loving the texture, particularly as its pink on a page about photographing rugby.
    it all works so well together :)

  12. This is great. Love the texture paste elements. (That, too, is what I looked like while my son was playing soccer)

  13. As a woman is worked almost every Sunday morning for over 15 years, I've never felt they were very lazy either.

    Great photo of you tho


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