Friday, March 27, 2015

Fridays Fancy - Still in use

Sian got me thinking the other week with this post.  She asked "what is the oldest thing you have made which has been in continuous use since it was formed"

.....and you know, there isn't a thing I've ever made still in use.....that I can think of. 

My mother-in-law still has the clock, my husband made when he was at secondary school, hanging in her hall. It's next to the key ring holder his brother made at the same age. Around 12 years old. I must get a photo next time we visit!

I have kept many items the boys have made over the years, a little clay pot No1 son made in primary school which did hold loose change....until it was dropped last year!!! 

Recently No2 son made a charm, a rugby ball....what else! 
He gave it to me so I plan to use it as a key ring.

Now this isn't strictly something in use...although I suppose you could hang a few things on it :) ...
...No 3 son made it from Mod Rock. It's a roman man with a spear through him. He's wasn't amused when someone in the house said it looked like a man with a big willy!! 
apparently the spear did go through the man...but the end snapped off.....which would make more sense....phew!

So have you shared something you've made which is still in use? 


  1. My mum has lots of the pottery I made but I don't have anything. I've kept all of the things Sam made at school though x

  2. The Mod Roc man is certainly open to interpretation! I've got one or two things I made in primary school, but they're more decorative than useful. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. The Mod Roc man reminds me of something my brother made years ago..thanks, because that's another story I could tell!

    And of course I love that charm :)

  4. That's raised a smile here ! What a pretty charm ..

  5. I have various things my children made but can't think of anything of mine, what a great charm.

  6. Ooooo still laughing about the Roman, but all those memories are things to treasure - I find it hard to get rid of things that the kids have made, so they get tucked away - I have a coaster that was made for me one mothers day that I still use.


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