Monday, March 09, 2015

One Photo & Twenty Words

Abi says find one photo and choose Twenty words to tell its story. 

I'm so pleased Abi's meme came today after a superb win for No 1 son yesterday in the Plate 

One Photo and Twenty Words.

An intense game to watch
so brilliantly played
they deserved to win
Yay ... they are through to the plate final. 


  1. Great photo & words Louise x
    I sometimes watch the boys play rugby through my fingers as I want to support them but can't bare to see them hurt.
    Fingers crossed for the final xxx

  2. Well done to them. I watched my daughter watch her first match on Sunday. I know how Sheena feels watching through her fingers. I thought watching riding was nerve wracking enough!

  3. Congratulations. I love watching Rugby. My friend and I have been watching both the premiership and the six nations each weekend on her laptop, both of us shouting at the telly!

  4. What a great shot. Congratulations to them. We're looking forward to another rugby weekend coming up.

  5. Yay! I can feel the excitement jumping off the, screen..

    There's Girls Rugby on here too today. Weird to be a Rugby Mum after all these years lol

  6. Great photo and well done to the boys.

  7. Well done! A beautiful photo and twenty words.

  8. Cheering from here :). Loving all that unconsciously-exhibited make togetherness!

  9. That is a great story, well done to the boys x


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