Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday's Fancies - a Ferris Wheel

The town I grew up in held an annual Carnival. Did yours?

I remember going every year with my parents and grandfather...later on I went with my friends and then my own small family. It was always a lovely day.

We'd line the streets to wave furiously at the parade of decorated floats, we'd  listen to the bands play and then we'd walk to the park to enjoy the many stalls.

Later on we'd venture across to the far side of the park where my dad would take us on the fair ground rides. The big wheel, the twister, the bumper cars, the ghost train, the waltzer was my favourite.

This clearly besotted stamp set reminds me of our carnival days.
The only thing missing is the candy floss!

They'll be a few more cards coming soon using this stamp set, i'm sure.

Happy Friday to you x 


  1. Love this card! I used to love the Waltzers too even though they made you feel really sick!

  2. I must check out that stamp set: I love the lettering (and what you've done with it)

    No, we didn't have a carnival, but I do remember very clearly the first time I saw one on an exchange trip to the US when I was 17

  3. You've made a very pretty card with this ... I think I was sixteen and abroad before I saw that kind of carnival, with ferris wheels and walzers. Even at that age it was exciting! Nowadays, I am more likely to head for the little one's teacup ride :).

  4. what a lovely card and stamp set x

  5. No we never had a carnival but we used to have a big fair with rides at the local park each 5 Nov. like you, I have happy memories of my father taking me.

    This card is just so lovely Louise xx

  6. That's lovely, yes my town had an annual carnival/town fair that we went to every year. It's still running now and now we take our kiddies every year too :)

  7. Sadly no carnival in my town but love that card!

  8. I like the card - simple and sweet. No annual carnival here but I enjoy ferris wheels when I get the chance.

  9. I love that card and stamp! We never had a carnival in our town but I have been known to travel a few miles to watch one :) xx


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