Friday, May 22, 2015

Under the Stars

Happy Friday to you all.

Another week has passed and what a week it's been. Jennifer kicked off last weekend with her Focus your craft and soul blog hop. I 'd like to thank everyone for leaving such lovely comments and it was good to read that our projects inspired you to create. Jennifer's weekend extravagansa was packed full, unfortunately I  haven't had the opportunity to play along this week, I 'm hoping to rectify this over our long bank holiday weekend...

We are currently in the middle of GCSE's. The build up here was overwhelming...for me at least. I think we are worrying more than him. A stay calm and revise postcard came through the post from the school. There was a message from the headmaster and his deputy and a handwritten paragraph from his form tutor. She has been with him and his class mates for five years and reading her lovely words turned me into a blabbering wreck.

Needless to say I'll be pleased when they are all over and he comes out of his room. He's such good company and yet we haven't seen him for weeks now. He has stayed on late at school (there's no study leave here for students) gone in early and has had his head in books every minute.

It's....8 down 15 more to go. This morning is English Literature and i'll not be able to relax until he's home and he can tell me how it went.  Half term next week will be a welcome break.

...and because a post wouldn't be right without a photo, here's a card using a Clearly Besotted Die 

Have a super weekend x


  1. Very very best of luck to him! It's Chemistry here this morning. I have no idea how she does it..

    A really lovely card

  2. Sounds like he has exactly the right attitude and is set to do well.
    Lovely card.

  3. Deep breaths, sweetie, I'm sure he'll do wonderfully! Such a pretty card and hope you have time to relax over your long weekend! xo

  4. Good luck to him. I know just how you are feeling. English Lit here this morning too. An Inspector Calls and Never Let Me Go. She hated the latter! Study Leave starts after Half Term.


  5. Good luck with the rest of the exams. Very emotional day yesterday seeing them all dressed up for the last day at Alex's school. Now to knuckle down and get the next four weeks out of the way! Hope you get some crafty time this weekend x

  6. What a stunning card...quite striking! I know how you feel, we've been through all the exams too. Over for us... and next stage is here. Only difference is I've got girls. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments Louise, it really is appreciated.

  7. Ah wish him well, I am sure he will do just fine, he has worked hard and it will pay off. xxx

  8. What a wonderful school which has staff that send kind and thoughtful postcards! Hoping all went well and that you will be able to relax soon. I remember it all vividly! And a very stylish card to boot ....

  9. Good luck to him with his exams xx

  10. Your card is stunning,lovely design and colours.

    Have a nice day.



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