Friday, June 12, 2015

Ferries Wheel

Welcome back to this little series of backgrounds.

I'm sure by now you've got the hang of how I created this background from the earlier posts.

Stamp, sprinkle, heat emboss and ink.

You can see I started off with a ombre effect but when I got to the bottom I preferred the darker pink so I added more ink and water to cover the whole of the card.

Currently my most favourite stamp this is.

You'll notice that I used vellum sentiments for each of these cards...  I wanted to be able to see the whole of the background and not cover it up with other papers or images. 

I even found some eyelets to the same place as my heatgun :) 
 An item that I'm sure most of us have tucked in a little box somewhere 

Remember, if you'd like to hook out your old heat gun and embossing powder then please feel free to join in and create your own background.  If you do please leave a comment and link me up and i'll send a little card related gift in the post to one of you.

Have a lovely weekend,  and see you all on Monday. 


  1. Those ferris wheels are too cute, which might be why this one's my favorite! ;)

  2. Beautiful card, think this is my fave one of the set

  3. Um, I don't have a heat gun, nor any embossing powders. But every one of these lovely cards I see is bringing me closer to changing that situation. Any day now.

  4. Yes - it is a great stamp. I usually use brads for quickness but eyelets really are much more interesting.
    I really like this card and it's a great technique.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. What a neat background, was thinking yesterday I need to pull out more tools and actually use them. Have used eyelets recently at least :)

  6. That is a lovely card. You've got me wondering where my heat gun is! xx

  7. Beautiful card you have made :)

  8. I think this might be my favourite so far - the candy floss colour just seems to go with the ferris wheel! Your little bejewelled additions add another lovely dimension.


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