Friday, July 10, 2015

Love and Hate ..part 1

The lovely Karen's shared ten things she loves and ten things she hates...and you know I thought I'd share mine with you too.

When I started to really think about what I hated the most..this is what I came up with:
1. The word HATE. (my first thought was the world itself.  I don't like hearing this word, especially when it's said in a heated moment....*argh*)

2. Lolly sticks (the wooden type - they give me the bejeebers - anything where the wood is rough.The forks in fish and chip shops too...*shiver*)

3. People who clear their throat (you know that growling flemy sound....*heave*)

4. Bad manners (*grrr*)

5. Dirty fingernails (think its more a boy thing...*yuk*)

6. Having to talk in front of a group of people I don't know - sometimes even a group of people I do know (*heart beats so fast*)

7. Diets (it takes forever to get my mind in the right place to start one. Then it doesn't last long, I need to *get a grip*)

8. Mustard and Marmite (*spew*)

9. Lateness (if a time is agreed, that's the time. I can cope with 10 min if I'm waiting for someone, anything more I get *twitchy*.  If I am to be somewhere at a certain time I'd rather be half hour earlier than a minute late.)

10. My terrible memory (which seems to be getting worse the older I get/ or maybe it's because these days I have to remember stuff for five people *fustrating*)

What about you? Can you think of ten things you really don't like.

I'll be back to share ten things I love .... soon. 

Have a super weekend. 


  1. What a laugh Louise! Love all your sound effects and there are a few there that I heartily agree on (like dieting!). Look forward to hearing your likes. xx

  2. I'm with you on most of them, but mustard and marmite are definitely on the 'love' list for me!

  3. Thanks for sharing your dislikes Louise, (I don't like the word 'hate' either. Your remark re lateness has me wondering how late I was that time we met up lol!!! oops, (it is a Cornish thing to be honest!) lol xx

  4. Very interesting reading yours. The first two that came to mind without thinking were I hate bad manners and I love football, chocolate and card making. Looking forward to doing the third in your class tonight Louise. xx

  5. Nice list....lateness and bad manners would be on mine too! Xx

  6. Interesting list. They say you either love or hate marmite - but I'm on the fence! Agree about diets. a necessary evil but I love treats and carbs!

  7. Interesting meme. Might do it myself

  8. Yes, yes, yes to #1! And also 6, 9, and 10. :)

  9. I definitely agree with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9! x

  10. I can relate to several on that list.

  11. Your list is interesting (and you've done a scrapbook page for sure ;), I dislike lateness too - drives me nuts. Although I've got more tolerant of it as I get older.

  12. Omg. I have that wood thing too! I spend days, weeks, even months trying to find a new chopping board or wooden spoon!!!

  13. Just had to pop over and see what the 10 hate ones were ... yup. I agree again xx


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