Friday, July 24, 2015

Love and Hate - part 2

The week before last I shared with you ten things I don't like, this week I'm sharing ten things I love. 

You should try this (if you haven't already) it's harder than you think. This is what I came up with.

1. A cold beer (or cider) on a warm sunny day (there's nothing nicer *mmmm*)

2. Rugby, watching the boys play (who wouldn't want to support their children *yay*)

3. Family time (is the best time *whoop*)

4. Lunch with the girls (I look forward to our get togethers, they're a *hoot* )

5. Films (action movies are my preferred choice. Although my all time favourite film has to be
   Grease *Grease is the word*. Who's going to have this in their head all day now )

6. Pretty papers, cutting, sticking and stamping (it gives me a kind of peacefulness *ahhh* )

7. Tattoo's (not that I have any - but I like the whole tattoo look. Especially on a fit man...did I really
    say that! *swoon*)

8. Cake (and plenty of it - this is my biggest fall down *yum yum*)

9. My camera and taking photos (although now the boys are getting older they moan like mad *sob*)

10. Being at home (it's my favourite place to be with the people I love, content and happy *oush*)

What about you, can you think of ten things you love?
Have a super weekend.

P.S. Photos for these posts were all taken from Pinterest 


  1. Great collection of loves, thanks for taking part. Xx

  2. Fab love list, Louise, I see several on there that would be on mine! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  3. What a lovely lovely list xx

  4. Look what you did ... you made me blog lol

  5. That's a bright and happy list - and I like your pretty montage too.

  6. Quite a lot of your list would be on my list :)

  7. Nice list and I like your photo collage.

  8. Louise, I think we are a kindred spirit. Great list.

  9. I agree with a lot on your list although not a tattoo fan defo a Beckham fan!

  10. Fabulous list Louise, I am thinking hard about what I love and hate to maybe blog about this evening. It's funny but some of your loves are making it onto my hate list - it makes me appreciate how different everyone is.

  11. Great list.

    Have a nice week.


  12. Any post with a picture of DB is a winner in my book! Loved reading your list. I like the way you describe scrap booking as giving you a kind of peacefulness. I've been searching for something to describe the feeling it gives me and I think you've hit the nail on the head!

  13. That's a great list of things you love xx

  14. Really enjoyed your list :)
    Mine would be so similar I might have to try it x

  15. Well it's a bit late for me to get my mind into gear so I'll use your list.
    1- I prefer guinness or red wine or a cold g&t but I do like a cold Stella
    2 - Mine is football
    3- It's just hubby and me now
    5- Pretty woman and I cry at the end every time
    6 - papers yes but stamps are my passion
    7- I thought it was going to be David Beckham and would say yes. Tats I'm easy
    8 - yes
    9 - I use my phone now & still learning ugh!
    10 - my favourite place too.


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