Monday, July 06, 2015

Me on Monday

Hello and good morning, don't Monday's come around far too quick?

This morning, as usual, I'm at work, hoping that today goes well for No3 son, who is having his induction day at secondary school. It's all about getting them ready for September.

The weekend started off well, lunch with the girls on Friday, where some bridal hairstyling was going on. Have I told you that my lovely friend is getting married abroad next year and all us girls are going with our families. A whole 40 of us. Whoop. It will be a blast.

There was the list writing (for our camping trip in a few weeks time), clothes shopping (to ensure No1 son has all the items he needs for the summer NCS Challenge), prepping for this weeks card class (I've had a zutter cutter for years and this time I remembered to use it), line practising (for the school play - apparently he gets better every time he rehearses!!), sixth form induction days and university visiting and long overdue haircuts (for all three of them).
It was our 17th wedding anniversary on Saturday and the husbter was working a long shift, so the boys and I spent the afternoon over mum and dads, dad put the Barbie on and my younger sister arrived with my nephews.  The little man hurt his arm, just before they got to us and after yesterday in A&E he has to go back to the fracture clinic today. They go to Florida in three weeks so I hoping it's nothing serious.

Oh and insurance renewing (yes he found a suitable quote), mobile phone ordering (yes he found me a suitable contract), window cleaning (he done a good job considering the heat) and oven cleaning (I think he wished he'd never started!).

While I was card prepping, someone was baking. All by himself. The last sponge I made sunk in the middle. His was pretty perfect. Between licking out the bowl and card prepping the Red Arrows flew over and we could hear the hum of the Grand Prix.
Weather wise, it has been pretty warm in these parts. No1 and No2 son started rugby fitness training this week, it was the hottest day in July....on record...ever! My car showed 36 degrees at 7pm. They were exhausted. In the early hours of Saturday morning, we had a big storm. I haven't heard thunder or seen lightening like that in a long long time... and the rain. Oh my... did it pelt down. Still, overall it has been very warm and mostly dry.

This post is brought to you as part of Sian, From High in the Sky's   Me on Monday meme....and it is fast becoming my kinda Project Life.

Happy Monday to you.


  1. You need a weekend to recover from your weekend, Louise! Happy belated anniversary, wishing you many more laughter and love filled years ahead! xo

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'm in awe of that beautiful bridal hairstyle..isn't it chic? And the baking! A great read Louise. Hope your week is a good one

  3. Happy Anniversary. My OH always regrets starting oven cleaning as well!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both.
    That cake looks mighty tasty :)

  5. wow he cleans the oven!!

  6. I like your wedding hair sampling. How exiting to plan an away wedding trip with 40 others. The men in your life are treasures, baking, cleaning ovens and such. Mine does all the outside jobs, I do the inside - a fair trade off in summer (lol), in winter he gets the light load. Belated best anniversary wishes. ... Mary-Lou

  7. Blimey that is a busy weekend, happy anniversary albeit belated. Can't believe you have one off to uni and #3 off to secondary, where did that time go? X

  8. Louise you have certainly captured some amusing pictures and love your post.

    Hugs Diane

  9. Catching up today Louise....sounds like a lovely weekend-belated Anniversary wishes...have loved all your card creations! xx

  10. A lovely weekend, that cake looks delicious x


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