Monday, July 13, 2015

Me on Monday

Hello there. Although Sian has taken a break from blogging for a couple of weeks I'm still waving to you all on this Monday Morning....from my desk at work. We only have just over a week until the boys break for the school holidays and I have a couple of Monday Mornings at home.

Writing this post and thinking back over the week - it was an emotional one.

It started with secondary school induction days for No3 son, he found out that he wasn't in a form class with any of his primary school friends. Shame. I think I was more upset about it than him. He's with a rugby team mate, who lives outside the village, so he was happy enough.  We had an evening at the school to meet his form tutor, only she wasn't there. A good start. It seems strange, that after ten years, I will have no ties with the primary school anymore.

To mark the end of primary school, year 6 always put together a school production -  No3 son played Bernie Blackhead in the play "Oh what a knight" he had 49 lines (he tells me) and got the most laughs with his quick witted words.
Then there was The Prom. My baby :) He's grown into such a lovely young man, seeing him all dressed up in a three piece suit ready to head off made me a little emotional. We went to his friends house for pre-prom drinks, photographic opportunities and to see them all off. They arrived home around 11pm to get changed and head out to the after prom party.
Once the emotional stuff was out of the way. I enjoyed Friday afternoon tea with the girls and No2 son's fruit tarts (although they took a battering on the way home from school - they tasted real good).
I held a card class on Friday evening where we made 3 cards and a notelet set.

My little sister and little nephews came for lunch on Saturday. Sunday we (and the rest of the family) travelled down to London to spend the day with my other (younger) sister. The BBQ was delicious, it was warm but overcast and the rain held off until late in the afternoon after we'd all eaten.

Thats another week gone by. another Monday Morning. 
How are you on this Monday Morning ? 

P.S. You may have noticed that the past few weeks has been all about No1 and No3 son.....where their lives are at meeting points of big changes. My lovely No2 son has been plodding along, fitting in where need be. I know that soon enough there will be changes ahead for him too.


  1. It certainly does sound like an emotional week you've had Louise. I remember those school plays - always brought a tear to my eye. A lot of great photosyou have there. They look just perfect for your scrapping. I'll look forward to seeing the pages you make over time.

    I really enjoyed your card class on Friday. Have a happy week. Barbxx

  2. Hope his beard was easy to remove - they mistakenly used permanent markers at one of my schools!

  3. It sounds like a lovely weekend. It's a shame he hasn't got any old friends in his class, Sam went to a school where nobody from her primary school went and I was more upset than she was xx

  4. I'm involved in Secondary Transfer at our school and we deliberately try and mix up the classes. For several reasons, but we think it's a good opportunity to make new friends otherwise the students from the same school stick together and don't mix so much. By half term he'll have a whole new batch of people that he's friends with! Lots of changes going on in your household - and what a good looking bunch of boys you have there! Exciting times - make the most of them!

  5. I feel emotional reading your post never mind being involved in it all! I remember all too well Josh leaving primary and the ties being broken. I was really involved in the PTA and whilst I miss it I'm glad of the rest lol!

  6. Gorgeous photos Louise. So many changes, it's always emotional. Exciting times ahead for our children. I still did a Monday post too!

  7. I chuckled at the painted on beard, which is quite a good one. Change, it is the only thing we can count on. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  8. It was lovely to catch up with your week and what a dash your eldest cut in his prom suit.

  9. Emotional week - loved the beard, trying it on for Movember? ;) Glad that No 2 son is doing well

  10. I can relate. I have one more year and then no school at all..

    More gorgeous pictures!


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