Wednesday, July 15, 2015

You can never have too many ....

There was a time when I had shoes for every occasion (and more). Work shoes, weekend shoes, comfy shoes, party shoes. Flats, high heels, low heels. Summer sandals, flip flops. Winter boots. 

These days I have a small selection of work shoes and non-work shoes, 
(they double up sometimes *shocking*).

These days I'm really fussy with buying shoes and when I find a real comfy pair I wear them and wear them and wear them, until they are worn out. Really. 
What kind of shoes do you go for? 
Do you go for comfort, or are you the kind of girl where pain fashion comes first and comfort second?

 If you love your shoes, do you love your handbags? 
 would you choose a new handbag over a new pair of shoes?
I do love a new handbag. 
Only I am not one to have a handbag to match every outfit or fit every occasion.
what about you?
Clearly Besotted stamps 
Aren't these stamps cute? 
These notelets are just waiting to be posted.


  1. Cute cards, Louise, the stitching adds the perfect touch! I'm not a fashion savvy person at all and own maybe 6 pairs of shoes/boots and just one bag, but it's a special one. :)

  2. Those notelets really are super cute. I used to love shoes and adored handbags, now I just want for comfortable shoes and have 2 bags ....

  3. Stunning and super cute cards.

    Have a nice day.


  4. Lovely notelets Louise. The stitching and bling really make them special. As for shoes I have one pair of heels and in fact had to go out last night in flats as it had been such a long time since I wore them I couldn't find them.

  5. I'm a shoe girl ... through and through. LOVE LOVE LOVE em. High heals, flats, boots .. you name it, I have them lol. So I fully understand the love for this card

  6. I like the layers of scallops and stitching. I'm not really a shoe or handbag person, I buy them to fit specific requirements and then use them until they wear out. Sometimes beyond if I'm honest.

    Books on the other hand or plants for the garden ;)

  7. I have small feet and finding shoes is hard so I vote for handbags every time!

  8. I hate shoe and handbag shopping so when I find shoes and a bag I like I wear them to death :) xx


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