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2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt

For the past three years our summer holidays has meant searching out subjects on 
Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list. This summer holiday was no different. 

We camped in Devon in the rain, wind and sunshine with friends,

and for the first year I managed to get all photos within the week....with a little help from my young partner in scavenger hunting.

When I first saw the list I knew straight away there would be one or two photo's I'd be able to take without any fuss. 

#no.9 A Tent.
 Our home for the week. We arrived, the sun was shinning and we set up a lovely little camp. We had a gazebo in the middle of the two tents for eating and entertaining. 
The view from our tent, through the gazebo into our friends tent. 

The forecast predicated rain all day Sunday and it wasn't wrong. It rained and rained and rained.
In true British style. 
We sat in our tent looking out of our window... 

...for what felt like hours. Eventually we did brave the elements and had a lovely day. 

The weather wasn't much better the next day. So we picked a film that suited us all Ant-Man (we really enjoyed it) and made our way to the cinema. Catching the ferry across the sea.

#no.6   A Metal Bridge

Two hours later the rain has stopped. Thankfully and I captured 
#No.B Someone holding an umbrella.  
my substitute for #no.2 An Ornate Door Knocker. 
We were staying in Dartmouth and passed the Naval college most days.
#no.10 A college or University
Dartmouth is a lovely quaint town to have a wander around. On our stroll we found: 

#no.5 Architectural Columns 
#no.19 A Ticket booth (or booths)
#no.3 A person walking a Dog. 
Lots and lots of people were walking their dogs. I was spoilt for choice and settled on this photo where I managed to capture not one but three people walking their dogs. 

You can't go to Dartmouth without visiting the castle. The route to the castle was along some tiny roads and step hills. 

This is where I took my panoramic shot 
#no.16 A Panoramic view, taken while standing someplace high in the air. 
On the way home we stopped by the supermarket to get some supplies for dinner. They had some lovely bouquets of flowers #no.1 was too checked of the list. 
It's no mean feast cooking three meals a day for ten people on a camping cooker. Fairly fed up with BBQ food we decided to use up the remaining sausages in a curry. Here's me dishing it up. 
#no.A People Eating Outside. 
I realise now that this is a substitute photo... I'll think of it more of a bonus. 
At the end of the week the weather improved and we planned a day on Bantham Beach. The Beach was beautiful. It's one of the reasons I love holidaying in the UK. It's just a shame we can't guarantee the weather. 

I don't know about you - when we are camping we are up at the crack of dawn. Our day trip to the beach started early and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves for a while. 

(Another panoramic photo from high up on a rock)
Until the surfing lessons started. 
Photo op #no.17 At least two people wearing matching outfits. 
All day on the beach and you need one of these. 
#no.12 A Public Toilet
There was no sign on the ladies loo, so the men's it was. 
Another day and another beach. Salcombe this time. Rock pooling. 
#no.20. A Natural Body of Water.  
The camp site we stayed on had it own leisure park and the boys...and girls opted to spend the last day there. Ah ha,
 #no.13. A Merry-go-around or Carousel 
Family portrait time 
#no.7 A Turtle. 
His turtle face made me smile. 
Every so often No1 son checked his phone, could it be Instagram, Facebook...more than likely he was chatting to his friends on snap chat. 
#no.8. Someone "plugged in" to Social Media.

On our walk back to our tent I captured a few more.
#no.15 A Flag Pole with at Least Three Flags On It. 
 It's not often you see three chilies flags blowing in the wind. The pole was attached to a caravan. A good idea if you have trouble remembering where you're pitched.

After we passed the flags we walked by the camp wardens van
 #no.11 A Cellular Tower or Television Satellite Dish.    

And would you believe it there was a family playing a board game outside their camper van.
 #no.4 People Playing a Board Game. 
This was a sneaky photo so it's a little grainy. Any board game where there's Pringles involved is a good thing. 

It amazes me what people take away with them. A full size airer. When space is of a premium an airer would be last on my list. Wet towels or bottle of wine - an easy decision. You need drink and plenty of it when you're camping. 

Sadly, all holidays have to come to an end. There we were on our last evening trying to find a pen and paper to make a note of the Scavenger Hunt for photo 
#no. 21 A photograph of you with a sign reading "2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt".

Me with my scavenger partner. I forgot to make a note of the list before we went away and typically I had terrible trouble connecting to the internet. My little helper managed to find Rinda's list and she also remembered the photos we still needed to capture each day.

The dreaded time came when it all had to packed into the car. It all came out so it should all go back in. Really it should (and we were a little lighter without the wine). It's harder than it looks and took several attempts. 
#no.18 An overloaded car.

Settled into our packed car we made the long journey home. 
We made good time, the lights were on our side.
#no.14. A Traffic Signal 

We had such a blast we agreed on the same time next year.

If you made it this far, thank you for re-living my holiday with me.     

If you'd like to take part in Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt there's still time you know. We loved it and already we are looking forward to next years list. 


  1. Fantastic photos, Louise, looks like it was a great holiday! How fun that you captured all of the challenge prompts along the way!

  2. Looks like you had a great holiday...and some good captures.

  3. I love how you managed to share your vacation through the hunt. I strangely like the packing of the car (something I need to record more often are the preparations) + plus you look like at pro at camping ;)

  4. Looks as if you all had a great holiday despite a little rain. The photos were great to look at and I have to say you make a lovely mermaid. Barbxx

  5. Wow, wow, wow! It looks like a terrific holiday and I love how you found all the items. My favorites are the reflection picture in the body of water and the entry to the college. It makes my heart very happy to see that this has become part of your summer tradition!
    Thanks for linking up,

  6. I'm amazed you found them all on one holiday - go you! - it makes for a rat blog post. I love your take on a natural body of water (I was thinking large on that one!) and the turtle one made me chuckle xx

  7. I'm so glad the sun came out for you (though that picture of the rain coming down certainly makes for an amazing picture). I like your pick for university: something a little bit different and, oh, Salcombe! It's so lovely.

  8. What a fabulous fabulous time you had. Oh Louise I loved this post and you got some great photos xxx

  9. Well done on doing the list, it looks like you had an amazing holiday. I always take an airer camping with me :) xx

  10. Oh that does look like a great holiday - I like the idea of the gazebo in the middle between your tents. Such a good idea to be able to feed everyone at once.

  11. Brilliant captures - I have about 4 to go but need to share them. Also stupidly I don't think I took photos of ticket booths and we went past loads!


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