Monday, August 03, 2015

Me on Monday

It's a lovely feeling when you wake up on a Monday morning, turn over and go back to sleep for a few minutes.

It really was only a few minutes too as this morning saw me helping No1 son pack the last few items into his suitcase and drive him and a friend to a meeting point for his week away.....without us *sob*.  I'm sure he cringed when I reached for my phone, (to take a couple of photos so I could join in with Sian's meme) you think he would be used to it by now. Still he humoured his mum.
I will miss this boy :(

After seeing him off, we headed into the city centre for a little back to school shopping. Trousers and shoes were first on my list.

No2 and No3 son are completely different builds so on one hand I have slim fit trousers with excess fabric around the bum and on the other hand regular fit trousers which need excess fabric around the bum!

And guess what?

When we found some trousers they only had one pair in stock, for both of them. So I queued and queued (and took a sneaky photo - you can see darling husband waiting patiently) to order more only to find that they are completely out of stock at the main warehouse and probably won't get any more in before school starts! pair of school trousers each is a recipe for disaster. I was hoping to get all the main stuff done today but it looks like there will be more uniform shopping ahead. grrr.

By now we are all hungry so we stopped in Pizza Express *delish* a sloppy giuseppe for me and No3 son. America for No2 son and a Pollo Forza for the hubster. With a full belly we were ready to tackle the shop picking, fitting and buying. Surprisingly there was no waiting or queuing and both chose shoes that were in stock and fitted them. hooray.

On the way home we took a detour to my sisters for a cuppa. My brother-in-law even posed for a photo. Someone knows me well. Mum and Dad were home too, our second cuppa stop, before arriving home.

.....this really was Me, today, on Monday. 


  1. Oh Louise I really giggled at hubby waiting for you. You see a million men doing that same pose at every shop lol ( unless it was telly shopping lol)..

    Hope you son has a fabulous time xx

  2. How lucky you live close to your family and that they welcome you with a cup of tea and even better that sons & B i L know to pose !

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend. I'm quite pleased that shopping for school uniform is a thing of the past for me :) xx

  4. That's just crazy when the summer holidays have barely started. When we were children school uniform shopping was always done in the week before we went back. It used to drive me mad having to buy so early. Seems very strange not to be doing it this year.

  5. I'm admiring your skills of persuasion :) Round here they have got to the stage where if I say "photo?" they groan and then run. You have some lovely ones here. I hear you on the trousers thing.

    Have a great week Louise

  6. Glad you managed to get the shoes ok. I hate any clothes shopping. Hope No 1 son has a great holiday. Great photos. Barbxx

  7. the week will go quickly, you'll soon have your son home again!

  8. Sounds like the perfect way to end all the shopping for the day, Louise! You always get such great, candid photos, perfect for these memes and for scrapping! :)

  9. Oh Gosh - I've not even thought about topping up uniform yet and Josh has had a growth spurt so everything is too small! Love a good shopping trip though especially with a stop for Pizza Express :)

  10. I hate clothes/ uniform shopping with mine
    finding trousers for their rugby player legs is a nightmare!!

  11. Oh, the dreaded back to school shopping! My boys hate it and I have to drag them around to get new clothes... we still have a couple of weeks to go before it becomes a must, thankfully...

  12. Sounds like a good day in the end :) x

  13. Sounds like a busy weekend.

    Love you cards below.


  14. The lack of school uniform shopping/caring for is something that is still rejoiced about around here. That photo of dh waiting did make me smile - yep I recognise it too.


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