Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Me on Monday

I'm a little late in joining Sian's party...another weekend has flown by and I haven't had time to catch my breath yet.

Monday....my worst day of the week ... really. The weekend is over and i have an early start at work.

What's worse than a Monday in work... is a Monday in work knowing everyone else has a day at home. Especially when they send you a photo to show they are out enjoying themselves!!!

At least they are thinking of me:)

The weekend was off to a good start when I picked No1 son up on Friday afternoon, he told us all about his fabulous week. He enjoyed it immensely, he was with a great group of kids and had a brilliant group leader. The work...well, he said they did do some.

No 2 son was at his friends foot golf party, I've not heard of it before but he enjoyed it and No3 son was with his best buddy who stayed for a sleepover.

Saturday came and they all chilled out. The hubster was working and No2 and No3 son were out playing with their friends. No1 son spent most of the day very horizontal. Me...I caught up on all the household chores and worked my way through a suitcase of dirty clothes.

On Sunday we attended the BFoM, Brackley Festival of Motorcycling.
The BFoM started in 2008 by one of my husbands colleagues, who's heavily into his motorcylcing, to   raise a little money for Autism and the Air ambulance.

His idea was to gather a few bikers with their bikes in the town. I really don't think any of them imagined it to take off like it did. It has became an annual affair and one of the biggest bike festivals in the UK drawing in people from all over the country. The high street is lined with thousands of spectators watching the showcasing and bike racing.  They have attractions, live music and stunt shows.

I like to have a stroll around the thousands and thousands of bikes and take some photos, watch the events...while my husband admires all the bikes and dreams and plans which ones he'd like to have.

My dad and brother joined us and we all went back to mum and dad's for some dinner and darts.

Enjoy your week, I hope to be back soon with something crafty.


  1. It is nice that they think of you! But sad you had to work. My mom's friend lives in Brackley but she's like 80 so don't think she'd be attending! Haha!

  2. That is such a great picture, and it's lovely though that they're all missing and thinking of you xxx

  3. What a sweet photo they sent, nice of them to send you some smiles while you were at work!

  4. Your collection of pictures is wonderful: so full of life and all the details. It must be amazing to start something like that and see it grow and know you've done something which has had such an effect.

    Enjoy the rest of your week Louise. Hope it's better than Monday

  5. Looks like a brilliant weekend, me and OH would love to look at all of those bikes! xx

  6. Oh you are so busy - I do hope that when you got home Monday after work there was dinner already prepared or at least a cup of tea waiting for you :)

    Hoping your week is going well.

  7. The festival sounds really interesting. Hope you didn't have to work to hard xx

  8. Great selection of photos - and I like that they sent you one. That photo and story deserves a page.


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