Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sticky 9 Balls

On Monday I did manage to make a couple of cards. 
A little set of sports fun using a mixture of stamps and a grass die. 

I had lots of ideas running around in my head but once I'd made a few that was it. 
Nothing else came together. 
Don't you just hate it when that happens? 
 The pink card was made last week and I was looking at it, to see if I liked it enough to actually send it to someone. I'm funny like that. If I make a card I have to really love it to pass it on. 

The mess I made in the process. 
 Recently, there seems to be much more card making going on than scrapbooking. In my need to change this I sent some recent photos for printing (....even though I have tons here that I could scrap). I uploaded them straight from my phone and instagram using an app called Sticky 9. 
They arrived packed in the cutest little box. The photos are 4x4 in size and are printed on card. With a matt finish I really like the look and feel, and hope to be sharing some layouts very very soon.


  1. Ok firstly .... LOVING the cards and next, guess what app I'm going to download. What great size photos

  2. Great set of cards Louise and those certainly are the cutest size photo's. I like the selfie bombing going on in the bottom left photo. I am looking forward to seeing your layouts using your new size photo's. xx

  3. Such fun cards, Louise! Looks like you've got some great photos there, hope you get some crafty time in soon! :)

  4. The cards are fantastic! So hard to get boys/men's cards righ I find but yours are great :). Thanks for sharing the Sticky 9 info. I'm just working on getting a huge Instagram display sorted for the wall so this could be just the thing I need!

  5. Your cards are more than good enough to send - I love their simple but very classy style. Those photos are so retro and I am off now to find that app - love, love, love them x

  6. I love the sports cards!

    I was wondering about trying to get TSO to send her phone pictures there. I would love to see her get some of them printed out

  7. If you call that messy you should see my desk sometimes. At least everything is visible on yours! I really love the sports cards you've made Louise. I imagine you'll have lots of people who they will suit perfectly and that's a great grass die by the way. Well I think that pink card is great and sure it will be very happily received by whoever gets it. Those lovely photos should get you going on scrapping again! Have a lovely day. Barbxx

  8. You had me at your title :). Lovely cards - you have a real talent for stylish simplicity combined with clever colours and shapes. Now that's a neat app - but it's the box I'd really be going for!

  9. Lovely cards. New photos always get me scrapping and I love the look of the ones you've got x

  10. I think it takes a lot of bravery to stamp! It is such a commitment and must be gotten right the first time. I like your craft desk - it inspires. Your pink card is my favourite although your sports cards are so cute and you must have a very generous heart to readily give away your words of art :)

  11. That box and those photos are cute. Trilby just bought his own album and page protectors in the 4x4 size so I can record his Week In The Life photos.

    I like the cards too - they are quicker to do aren't they? I've found that my family will happily send cards I wasn't thrilled with so now they all go in the box (as long as I'm not embarrassed by them that is!)

  12. Oh how I miss adding to your "mess", nicking your ideas and just generally being in your company. Miss you loads.
    And love your card, as always :-)


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