Saturday, August 15, 2015

When did you start?

I started to write this post some months ago and never got around to finishing it, taking the photos or sharing it. Recently Julia shared, how she started to scrapbook, with photos of her very first album. So... now I've been reminded (and I've taken some photo's) here it is.

A while back I was reminded of how I started scrapbooking and thought it might be fun to share with you some of my early pages......

It was July 1999, I remember it well. My first born was two months old. I'd taken lots of photos already which were sitting on the side in the developers envelopes. I sorted out a handful of bath time photos and at 7.30pm hopped across the drive to my neighbours house. She was a creative memories consultant and she'd been scrapbooking for a number of years already.

She helped me create my first page, picking out colours from the photos. The photos were cut into shapes, yellow triangles were placed in the corners of a 12x12 page and baby stickers were scattered about the page. I am sure there are many of you out there that can relate to this. Sadly I pulled this page apart some months after to create something a little more "exciting".

I went home that evening and couldn't sleep (in fact that still happens now after a crop) too many ideas going around in my head. The next day I found an empty notebook and began to keep notes of the dates I took photos. I'd record the who, what, where and when. These were pre-digital days remember. These notebooks went on to hold milestones, events, comments and conversations made.

The once a month evenings were something I began to look forward to, immensely. Who'd have thought, certainly not me, that recording those memories would become a way of life!

After my very first page (the one I pulled apart) I made this one. The first page of my very first album. Tracing the letters with a pen because I had no Alpha stickers.

sorry for blurring the journalling.
As I started scrapbooking not long after No1 son was born, I scrapped in chronological order, taking photos and developing them ready to scrap at the following month's class. I planned the kind of pages I wanted. Like this double page where over months a took at photo of No1 son with each family member.
oval shaped photos cut using fancy edged scissors 
Then there was the grandparents pages. Bath time. Food Time. First things. First steps. First holiday. Day trips, birthdays, Christmases.

When I look back I do wonder what I was thinking - why would you cut your photos into funny ...flames for bonfire night.....

This was before we had access to the world wide web. We never had a computer or internet connection until after No2 son was born (and then it was dial up). My scrap stash consisted of only Creative Memories items. We had no local craft shops. CM patterned papers were rare and usually sold in kits, their cardstock was 8x12 in size. I always wondered why? Maybe so we had to use those corners.

Although this album is dated it holds so many memories not only of the occasions scrapped but also of how this pages were created. With such limited items I used to get an idea and then cajole my husband into agreeing to draw it for me.

If you wanted a black and white photo you had to buy a black and white film. I only done this the once.

Gosh I remember having palpations over the number of animal stickers I used on this page.

One thing I notice looking back is that the majority of my pages were double layouts...and somewhere within the double layouts is a block of journalling....written with my CM acid free fine tip pen :) 

So there you go, my very first album  - my second album for No2 son isn't much different and he was born three years later.

Although our albums date due to trends and styles, the one important thing they all share is a story.
And for many of us it's the story that matters. This chest holds all my earlier 12x12 albums with my mini books laid on top - Imagine the stories it holds.

So.... as Julia said

"Will you share your first page and your discovery story? (Warts and all!) I'd love to read about it."


  1. Louise I can't tell you the smile this bought to my face. Goodness yes, I remember cutting photos into shapes too. I often look back at my first pages and smile. Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. I've never done scrapbooking but when I look back at my old photo albums, there are a lot of photos cut into shapes. It was obviously the fashion at the time!

  3. I do love a post like this! I can remember that feeling of not being able to sleep..when I first discovered scrapbooking I used to get back out of bed and read my scrapbook magazines because I couldn't sleep. Your first pages are so precious: they're going to be dearly loved years from now.

  4. This is such a lovely post Louise. Your pages are so special and what beautiful photos of your son. I could feel your emotion as I read this post. I really wish I had thought to do something like this when my son was born, Barbxx

  5. Enjoyed taking a step back in time with you, Louise! I started around the same time as you, though stopped after a couple of years and didn't get back into it for over a decade. I have my share of shaped photos, too! :)

  6. What a great post Louise. How lovely to have all those memories documented. I so wish I had made some sort of record of those early years. My first born was 10 when I started scrapping.

  7. Oh how fun! Those albums will be so full of details and everyday moments. Cool dino too.

    We started scrapping at about the same time, I'd started the year before but not 'properly' and booked a CM party so I could learn how. I've shared my first page before but will dig it out :)

  8. I started scrapping about the same time as you. It's lovely looking at your first pages xx

  9. I so enjoyed the wander through your pages - thanks for sharing. Your zoo page, I have one similar. My start into scrapping was getting old Creative Memories idea books out of the library and then trying to find papers and stickers (I love stickers) to match the ideas. Cherished memories.

  10. That is so much for finally sharing this post I so enjoyed reading it. I love that you had an artist on hand to make personalised embellishments! That dinosaur is brilliant :) I'm also loving

  11. Oops! How everyone's pages (from those that have shared) are all so similar! We all seemed to have started out differently though. Shame I'm not nearer I could happily dive into that chest and look through all your albums :)

  12. I wish my first few pages were as clean and balanced as yours. Mine sound like your 're-done' page - shaped photos and stickers plonked anywhere. I didn't have internet access when I started and so relied on the little I saw on craft TV (freeview so it was very occasional) and the odd magazine I could afford - but then I didn't have the die cutters etc needed for those - just a pile of Anita's stickers and fancy edged scissors.
    I've made my first pages worse by adding to them over the years in an attempt to improve them :)
    Thanks for such a lovely and heart-warming post x


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