Saturday, September 19, 2015


Following on form my previous post, I have another layout to share with you today.

Camping isn't all its cracked up to be. This I am sure off. It's a hard holiday. Not one of relaxing. There's always something that needs doing. And when it rains. Quite honestly it's pretty darn miserable.

That's why when you camp, you go with friends. Friends that you can laugh with and cry with. Even with all the rain. We held it together ..... we laughed..... we didn't cry.....we simply, drank more!!

Drink is essentially when you camp. Me thinks. I'm sure there are many of you that would agree.
After a few, you definitely sleep well. That is until you need a wee..... :)

We started early with  pre-camping drinks. I mean...why not!
A snapshot from one of our pre-camping evenings.
Papers, embellies and alphas Scraptastic Kit Club, Flair Feed your craft
Grey and pink, one of my favourite colour combinations. I kept it simple, with pretty embellishments vellum and lots of stitching..There is a little clip board under the photo holding my journalling.

Do you camp? As much as I think it's a hard is one we enjoy. The fresh air (maybe a little too fresh at times) the freedom, the general togetherness...every one pitching in. We wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you on Monday.


  1. My husband keeps mentioning camping - I have told him he can go whenever he likes. Not for me a toilet across a damp field, no plug sockets and no washing machine. Until tents come with build in amenities I will stick to renting a cottage/house! (And if I am totally honest I know my kids would whinge about being bored until it drove my mad) x

  2. Not a chance in hell will you find me camping lol. Simon says that to me 4 star is camping lol.

    Loving, loving, loving this layout xx

  3. Darling layout, Louise, love the softness of it and how your eye really focuses on your festive photo! I haven't been camping in ages, but thankfully was never rained on! :)

  4. I like grey and pink also. I think this colour combo is very feminine. Camping is something I would never do - I am a lady of comfort (lol).

  5. I love camping and I love this layout xx


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