Monday, September 21, 2015

Me on Monday

Right now... I am at work, sitting at my desk trying to recall all the back to back meetings that took place last week. It was a long week. Still it'll soon be Wednesday and I can look forward to a nice long weekend.

How has your Monday been?

The opening of the weekend was good. I mean winning the Rugby was a good start. After a day of coffee with some scrap friends in the morning and an afternoon  with the girls, I arrived back home to quickly run the hoover around while waiting for the boys to arrive home from school (and work). Gathering some drinks together we all headed over to friends for pizza and Rugby. A winning combination.

It was a late night so I have some quiet time Saturday morning to catch up on some blog reading before getting stuck into the pile of ironing. I've never had so many shirts to iron! My little cheeky nephew is five next week so we all headed over to theirs for birthday celebrations...after the Japan vs South Africa game. Wow what a win for Japan. A fabulous game to watch.
Photos with the birthday boy and Uncle Iron man. 
With the world cup upon us, there was some new t-shirt buying. Two training sessions for No2 and No3 son and the first match of the season for No1 son. Thankfully the hubster wasn't working Sunday, so he went of to watch the match while I was with the other two. I never like missing their games but sometimes it's logistically impossible to be with them all.
The whole club has new match kits and No3 son modelled his. I'd say there's plenty of growing room.

After school tonight No2 son will be staying for Rugby club...if it's on. With most boys interested in Football any rugby at the school is limited. As three world cup games are held near here it is hoped that more boys will take an interest in playing this fantastic sport.

Whatever today holds for you, I hope it is a good one. Waving to Sian x


  1. Wow! what a rugby-tastic weekend! Yes, winning was nice here too lol But for all the excitement, your photos of your boys are the best bit about this post...just think what age they'll all be the next time the Cup comes round ..

    Have a great week Louise

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, Louise, minus the ironing! ;) Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

  3. What a lovely fun filled weekend - and nice enough weather for standing on the rugby field. Your sons are so handsome, and the eldest is helping his cousin so nicely - how sweet :)

  4. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend xx

  5. Birthdays are always such a great way to enjoy a day - especially if there is cake! Good luck to your sons with the ruby matches. Ruby isn't as popular in my part of the world - although I saw lots of highlights from the world stage of ruby. Hope you have a great week and not so many meetings :)

  6. I've got to say the rugby has pretty much dominated our life this weekend lol.

  7. Sounds like your feet hardly touched the ground this weekend!

  8. Sorry to be so late - it'll be soon time for your next Me on Monday! Hoping you've had a good rugby-filled week: your guys must be really enjoying TV! You do well to get around as many of their matches as you do ...


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