Monday, January 11, 2016

It started with a .....

.....what's app message.

 From my lovely friend.

I do like a challenge and while I've been cutting and sticking for many years I do like to try out other things. 

"No problem" I said...rummaging for some threads. I wasn't sold on the crocheted bracelets - the wool wasn't doing it for me. So I set about making several macrame versions using hemp, twine and cotton threads. (It's amazing what us scrapbookers have amongst our stash). 

Sitting watching telly with a little basket on my lap, making up friendship bracelets, who knew it wouldn't be long before I was hooked, and like any hobby it wasn't long before I was sporting a colourful stash.

From making the first few plain friendship bracelets, I moved onto beads. And stitching. 
You know your poor family suffer when your brother in law says 
"don't you go making me any of those" I'm sure they dread my new hobbies!

Have you tried macrame? 

Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year...

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

I couldn't see the new year in without saying a few words. For us 2015 ended on a low. Two weeks before Christmas we lost my very dear Great Aunt Chrissy.  She really was a treasure.  A beautiful person inside and outside and someone who played a huge part in our lives up until Dementia took over a number of years ago. When you were with her you laughed constantly. You really did. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Her outlook on a happy life was incredible. With so many memories it was hard to say goodbye.

Those memories are what we hold onto .....

So ..... here's to 2016 and making memories.
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